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What do you get for that fee? Most people in the DS business understand that this is part of the gig. Go on out there and find a company and a sponsor that align with your interests. This is not a perfect world! I would never encourage anyone to break a company's rules. Remember this is Multi-Level Marketing…. And I love every kitnapper who joins me.


There are three reasons why I ended up making a business out of my kit. That was a gamble that paid off for my company! I'm not going to lie, it was awesome! I thought I would simply snag my kit and none of my sweet friends who were signed up with competing essential oil companies would even have to know about it! Second, their policies revolve around helping their consultants succeed. Interview your potential sponsors, as them why you should register for your kit under them. I do, however, buy kits for companies whose products I use faithfully, products that I love to use and give as gifts. Although it seems like a great idea, some comments lead me to believe it's a bit of a touchy subject. This is how their lives were changed I felt that I could not only be proud to represent this company, but I could truly help improve the lives of others, which is fulfilling. What you should do if you want to kitnap a product? Then they love it so much that they want to buy it! The consultant that you signed up with will be thrilled! It is, however, a world where people love to get free things! Well, you just became a consultant, so they can actually order from you know, and you've just made a few extra bucks! Focus instead on whether or not this person seems to be consistent and approachable, on whether or not they encourage you to follow the rules of the company they represent or not. My enthusiasm turned out to be contagious and I started to make sales, which was not my initial plan but hey, it means free makeup for me so why turn it down, right? Simply Aroma has been great for my family because we homeschool, and any income I make can only happen if it fits into my schedule. What do you get for that fee? Now they are rocking the business aspect and actively selling the product to new clients. AND this beautiful bundle of products! Send me a message! And before you know it, word of mouth is spreading the news and you've got more sales coming your way. It's a professional courtesy that will also benefit you and give you some protection against an overbearing sponsor. Ask about enrollment offers that can change from time to time. This means you get to purchase a product you were already thinking of buying for a discounted price and you get to continue to purchase discounted product for specified amount of time.


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I'm not going to lie, it was awesome! You may fall in love with the product and find yourself sharing it with all your besties and family then they become hooked.

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