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Within this episode, we are confronted by Stalin's changing policy towards Korea, as his own policy aims seemed in jeopardy if the Chinese managed to forge a deal with the West. Other than that history friends, I'm so excited to finally bring this to you, so I have to say thanksss and I hope to see you all there! Rhee's departure in signalled a watershed moment in his life - for the next 35 years, Rhee would remain an American resident, tirelessly campaigning for the rights of Koreans to independence, as his calls fell on mostly deaf ears. This is the place to find out - the Sources and Structure of the series will be learned of here. We look at MacArthur's days in post-war Japan, and how he managed to craft for himself an incredible legacy, with not a small amount of Japanese adoration to boot. Far from surprised, everything was going according to plan. In time though, as this episode shows, both sides saw the value in holding onto their zone, even while this act required some additional investment, and a consistent support of their favoured candidate, who didn't necessarily have the support of the country behind him.

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We conclude the episode by examining the arrival of the two sides in the peninsula in , and the decision made thereafter to divide Korea along the 38th parallel. As the clock ticked by, it remained to be seen what form the new Germany would take, and what role if any the Soviets would be able to have. Remember of course that I am excited to hear what you think about this - I am super excited to talk and nerd out with you about this conflict. He was in regular contact not merely with the Communist leader of China, but also with the most obscure Stalinist vassal in Korea, a man known as Kim Il-sung. In such circumstances, we are also introduced to War Plan SL, a detailed dossier on how to act in the event of a war in Korea, developed by the US government in early June , in other words, only a few weeks before the invasion was launched. As we'll see, this conventional explanation for why the US ignored the repeated warnings doesn't hold up particularly well under scrutiny. Stalin, it was clear, was determined to pose as the champion of his own brand of Soviet, expansionist communism, powered by the Red Army and the threat of force. It was thus a race, yet on any consideration, it was a race to ruin. At the head of this new dynamic was the will and ambition of Stalin, who had a direct hand in everything that occurred. In our final installment of the Crash Course, these qualities inflict their damage on Stalin's position and reputation, but it was nothing the Kremlin leader could not handle. It would not be a long war, Stalin claimed, but a short sharp one, whereupon the fall of Seoul would cause a pro-Kim uprising in South Korea, and the country would fall without Kim Il-sung having to lift a finger. Have a listen, and see where you stand. In the midst of these changes we also see the role which the many institutions of the United Nations had in bringing Korea back together on a basis which would be acceptable to both sides. Even while it would seem that the US was unprepared when the North attacked, the arrival of more soldiers in the nick of time in several areas would, hopefully, be enough to plug the gaps. Cold War Crash Course Part 5 In the final episode of this miniseries, we look at the several crises which accompanied the answering of the German question. All of these are questions I grapple with here, so if you like your debates historical be sure to stop by. So it was that the UN, by summer , had built upon a history of peaceful intervention, foreign debate and great expectations even before Washington determined to appeal through the UN for the act in Korea that was desired. Acheson was adamant that only through the appeasement of the communist Chinese, through a realistic approach to their civil war, and through an appraisal of the advantages the US had over the Chinese, could the feared Sino-Soviet agreement be prevented. Faced with these bits of evidence, Kim would invade South Korea convinced of the American weakness and hesitation, only to face a total buzzsaw. Within this episode, we are confronted by Stalin's changing policy towards Korea, as his own policy aims seemed in jeopardy if the Chinese managed to forge a deal with the West. As he planned his trip, it was difficult to believe that the Truman administration could indeed be this grossly incompetant and ignorant of the situation. It puzzled some and excited others. Mao Zedong remains a controversial figure to this day. Either way, it was clear that Stalin was the face of Soviet power, and that this Georgian native, this paranoid, cunning, ruthless man was the face of all of democracy's problems. Above all though, it was the legacy of Hitler's war, of Nazism, that was struggled wit Could Hitler be purged from the consciousness of these Germans, and how many 'Good Germans' were left that could be expected to lead a democratic Germany into the future?

Korean podcast

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