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Since it is water-resistant, this is a good choice for pool or hot-tub play. Unlike sticky K-Y, they are not absorbed into the skin. You probably have one of these in your medicine cabinet right now. I was just there. I stood at the register waiting to be helped. But there are also some old stand-by products you could use as well. I called around I won't go back to this specific Wal-Mart for tires. I told them I would be there shortly.

Ky lube walmart

He suggested the road hazard and all that and said if I didn't want to pay I'd be kinda dumb but gave me another tire store he'd suggest. I was just at the Walmart in Ft. Most of these claim to be non-toxic, non-staining, and latex-friendly. Still informed they couldn't get it off without breaking something. Some product lines that claim to be all natural are Emerita, and Divine. These are really hit and miss. Then "Finally" i get someone to help me and he tells me i have a 3 hour wait. Upon arriving, doors locked. If you decide to use condoms make sure your silicone-based lube actually states that it is safe for use with condoms. Unlike sticky K-Y, they are not absorbed into the skin. Hmmm, supposed to start work at 7: I told him I was already past the sticker shock. Silicone-Based Lubricant Newer to the marketplace is the vast assortment of silicone-based lubes. There i stood and waited again. What kind of tire place can't remove f lug nuts!!! Other Lubricants You might come across some products while lubricant shopping that do not fall under any of the above categories. I drove over to the Wal-mart to see what - if any - deals they'd have. As for use with silicone toys, you should read the label. The big thing you need to know about oil-based lube is that it breaks down latex. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews. All of the good ones out there actually state it right on their labels. In researching this Hub, I found a couple articles that stated not all silicone lubes are safe for use with latex. I asked them if they had tires for my car, which they did. They didn't really have any but the service guy filled me in. I saw two people that looked like managers standing and talking approx 20 feet away from me, and totally ignoring me. I called around

Ky lube walmart

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I forgot to mention that when i called Wal-Mart and had them transfer me to the Tire Service, the phone just rang and rang with no answer.

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