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After several months with continuing delays and disputes concerning the quality of the work, Van Horn, engineer-employee of LAN, the City's consulting engineer on the project, recommended that the City order Solis to suspend work on the drainage project. His acts are in law the acts of his employer. Solis more clearly demonstrated that Donnell was unavailable at trial. In Terry, the plaintiff alleged tortious interference of Mr. He testified that on one occasion there was no superintendent on the project. Therefore, it may be presumed that all the underlying data was admissible. MPD entered into a subcontract with Union to provide construction of a 67 mile stretch of pipeline by a certain date. Gye principle must therefore fail, just as it would fail if brought against the master himself for wrongfully procuring a breach of his own contract. Under these circumstances, therefore, the trial court correctly excluded his former testimony.

Laredo underground

However, we note that the issue of whether Black Lake's requirement for additional men and equipment was arbitrary and capricious was submitted to the jury by the trial court without any criticism from the supreme court. The City of Laredo and Victor M. Underground Utility Construction Services Laredo, TX Texas Directional Boring is an underground construction company specializing in the underground boring of utility pipelines for electric power, solar, wind, telephone, satellite, cable, TV, Internet, wi-fi, fiber optic, security, oil, gas, petroleum, steam, sewer, drain, water and irrigation crossings. The third volume in UT—Pan American's Borderlife Project, this eye-opening investigation draws on vivid ethnographic interviews, bolstered by decades of supplemental data, to reveal a culture where divided loyalties, paired with a lack of access to protection under the law and other forms of state-sponsored recourse, have given rise to social spectra that often defy stereotypes. However, a judgment may be sustained on grounds other than those apparently relied upon by the trial judge. Union Construction Company, Inc. What do you mean by "all of them? The City of Laredo counterclaimed for breach of contract. Under its contract with the City LAN was obligated to continuously inspect the contractor's work and report any failures of the work or materials to conform to the project specifications. Moreover, since Ortiz was no longer a party to the suit, this was clearly hearsay as to Van Horn, and the objection should have been sustained. The agreement was questionable because it was reached in the absence of Solis, written by Van Horn, and reached on the same day Porras was appointed by the bankruptcy court to be an impartial independent engineer to make an independent impartial judgment as to what corrective measures were needed to be done by Solis on the project. Such an action arises only where two or more persons, acting together, commit an unlawful act, or they accomplish a lawful purpose by unlawful means. An inconsistency appears in contending both, that the burden is upon the plaintiff to show that the interference by the defendant was without justification or excuse; and that also, the burden is upon the defendants in a summary judgment to show his actions were privileged and justified, as required of all cases involving affirmative defenses. The case before us involves pleadings alleging tortious interference and civil conspiracy by Van Horn and LAN. The breach of contract actions were tried to the jury. We note that the court's opinion fails to state that the elements are being changed or that any prior inconsistent cases are now overruled. Union sued Black Lake for contract interference alleging the cost of additional men and equipment as damages. Solis obtained a temporary injunction, but that order was suspended. The court has in effect eliminated the necessity for Van Horn to have acted justifiably and in good faith in order to escape liability for any interference. Although the court correctly states the standard of review, they have failed to adhere to it. Ortiz told you that Mr. C of the Instructions to Bidders which provides that Ortiz, as the Project Inspector, although authorized to call attention to the contractor of work failures, "will in no case act as foreman or perform other duties for the Contractor, nor shall he interfere with the management of the work. To successfully install pipes underground without disturbing the surface, the HDD drilling company creates a pilot bore along the design pathway then reams the pilot bore in one or more passes to a diameter suitable for the pipe product which is then pulled into the prepared bore hole in the final stage of the process. A close friend of Donnell's testified that he had not heard from Donnell in over a year, but the last he knew Donnell was in Austin. They contend that because the same evidence was presented by the testimony of Solis himself, it is cumulative and therefore harmless.

Laredo underground

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