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Being underneath this umbrella makes it feel so private! Is it pronounced tong or thong? He is one of about seasonal lifeguards. Are we at a water park? How about I serve you some cold brew coffee tomorrow morning at my place?

Lifeguard pick up lines

Is this a heavy metal band cause girl i wanna ROCK with you! Cuz you ping pong my balls Skiing pickup line: Cause you're hot and I want s'more Are you a bad soccer player cause you can suck on my balls. I just watched a documentary about Trojans. They wondered how the county can justify their punishment when it regularly licenses the television program "Baywatch" to use the county lifeguard seal and replicas of its trucks. I'm the biggest lady-killer in Buffalo since O. Cause my balls are in your court. Your surfboard is so big! Cause I got some wood for you right here. She gives him her digits. I bet I can make your next one better. But when he attended a meeting in April of the U. Lets play railroad I'll be the train and ur the tunnel Are you a ping pong table? Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Because life is sexier in the summer sun. I have four words for you: Hey gurl, how about you make like the Patriots and deflate these balls. Cause yoganna love this dick Did you go swimming earlier or did I get you wet? Are you the Dallas Cowboys? If you ride me I promise to go fast. Is your name Tom Brady? Is that sunblock on your shorts, or are you just happy to see me? Im tired from beating two guys up, but I would like to bang you tonight. That swimsuit looks very nice on you. How far up does it go? As a baseball player, I know my way around the bases.

Lifeguard pick up lines

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The Funniest Pick Up Lines!!

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