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But there's a question as to where the actual 'event' is taking place. It's a celestial term; an astronomical one. So there's a sense of orbits and ellipses and time as well. We made a small installation sculpture. Now, your work belongs to that genre of art that people nowadays call 'time-based'; but essentially it seems to be just as much about space. There are numerous factors related to the stock market in general and to the implementation of any stock market timing program, which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results. So they're not properly fencing? An orange life jacket over the black wetsuit, and a black balaclava with the miner's lamp.


I started by cleaning it out, which is what I always do when I take over a space. I've brought slides along to show you the background of how I've arrived at where I am now. I did a three hour performance with this large sheet of metal that I found. I think meditation can also help to overcome pain - not that I practise meditation properly. This next piece is called Cosmetic Eyes. It seems to have a zip. So there's a sense of orbits and ellipses and time as well. I used mirrors to reflect the lights. I stood against a wall and started waving the metal against the wall as I felt people approaching me, so it made a strange sound. Is that ultra-violet light? What did you do with the rubbish once you'd collected it? When I left Clock I was more interested in the psychology of what was going on inside the body or mind. These factors would affect actual trading results. There's this one in a city centre, where Jason Walsh and I went dressed in suits and briefcases, or suitcases, and went around collecting the rubbish off the street and putting it in our suitcases. Another type of burial. When I left Clock my work carried on being durational. So with my work, I wanted to bury a bed, bury myself in the bed and then masturbate under the ground. What do you use? To a degree there was distraction, but I often found my distraction tried to come through closing the mind almost into a state of not thinking. Groaning or panting or whatever? Yes, the never-ending expansion and implosion of the universe; also the snake eating its own tail, the DNA structure. You can see over in the corner the decapitated goose head, which has a very definite symbolism for me: I read a lot of Beckett at college. Is that a woman's face? This next piece was a collaboration.


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It was a performance after Vito Acconci, a s performance artist. No, but he had speakers up in the gallery so that people could hear him.

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