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The question central to this dispute is whether the Property was ratable for notwithstanding its purchase by the tax-exempt Society. Instead, practice relating to tax sales follows the course of equity. Tax Assessors of City of Newport, 62 R. At oral argument, the Society suggested that its disregard of the tax sale was due to the attorney s letter. At oral argument, however, the Society retreated from this position. A statute must be examined in its entirety, and its words must be accorded their plain and ordinary meaning. When payment for taxes is overdue, the 3 tax collector, after proper notice and advertisement, may sell the property or some portion of it at public auction for the amount of taxes and other costs due. The authority of a public agent to bind a municipality must be actual. The notice provision concerning tax sales requires that the collector shall [.

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Section a provides that the requirement of notice to the taxpayer may be satisfied through personal service on the taxpayer not less than thirty 30 days before the date of sale[. Manda Panda, LLC v. The same holds true for the City ordinance which provides for the assessment and collection of taxes: And, critically, the Legislature anticipated the need for apportionment of taxes upon the sale of real estate: The Providence City Assessor shall assess and apportion said tax on [. The notice provision concerning tax sales requires that the collector shall [. This issue is outside the scope of the present matter because a party should not be granted relief that it did not request. In this case, an outstanding tax lien on the Property resulted in a tax sale. Property tax is apportioned upon the assessed valuations as determined by the assessors of the city or town as of December 31 in each year at Convention Center Authority, A. A statute may not be construed, 4 however, in a way that either would result in absurdities or would defeat [its] underlying purpose. The City properly determined that the tax year liability accrued on December 31, , without regard to the date of acquisition. Section , relating to assessment and apportionment of taxes, echoes the December 31 date of assessment: In the context of when real property is sold and conveyed to a purchaser[,] the tax assessed on the real estate as of any December 31 shall, except as otherwise provided by contract of the parties involved, be apportioned as if the assessment were made in advance for the immediate following calendar year and shall be adjusted between the seller and the purchaser as of the date of delivery of the deed of conveyance, the seller paying for the period commencing January 1st to an including the date of delivery of the deed of conveyance, and the purchaser paying the balance of the taxes. At issue is the legality of the taxation subsequent to the Society s acquisition of the Property. Here, the City produced certified mail receipts and the notification letter; the Society offered no objection to this proof. The buyer was Manda Panda. Assessor of Taxes of City of Newport, 99 R. Moreover, the City is not bound to honor its attorney s ultra vires communication. See Casa DiMario v. Such are the four state statutes germane to this case: Conclusion After due consideration, this Court denies the Society s motion to void the tax sale. The tax sale therefore was not illegal for lack of notice. The assessors shall assess all valuation and apportion any tax levy on the [. At oral argument, the Society suggested that its disregard of the tax sale was due to the attorney s letter. Aurora held title to the Property on December 31, Tax-exempt status, however, is not determinative of the instant matter because examination of the pertinent statutes reveals that the tax liability accrued prior to and was not extinguished by the Society s purchase of the Property.

Manda panda address

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The tax sale statutes vest Superior Court justices with discretion to allow or deny redemption of property sold for nonpayment of taxes.

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