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They are from 1 to 2 ft. In contrast, in some stories that are told about them, phoukas that are treated kindly are known as friendly beings that help farmers. Their only interest seems to revolve around playing practical jokes on humans. The cooshie stay with their elfin masters, and have heightened senses, including knowing when there is any magickal, spiritual, or physical presence in their territory. They are elderly dwarf people who stand from 1 to 2 ft.

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They usually manage to trick their way out of surrendering their gold. In folklore and literature, both Robin Goodfellow and Puck are hobgoblins. Sometimes their skin is dappled like a tree trunk. Their weapons are made of stone, shaped like a barbed arrowhead, and thrown with great force like a dart. Every tree has a wight who is its guardian. They guard the blackthorn bushes particularly on Samhain and Beltane. They live in caves near the ocean or in sandy hillsides. Like elves and coomlaens, they have an aversion to iron. The Clurichaun sing in Gaelic and have beautiful, magickal voices. During a full moon, they come on land to dance and play. Salt water and silver can harm them. They are dark, malevolent faeries, who have excessive pride, are unkind, and have malicious ways. The per- son who captured the kobold could open up the box and the kobold would do things for her or him. Residing in Cornwall, they are magickal beings that inhabit mines. The undines are ruled by love and adore gifts of sweet-smelling perfumes. Usually found in seas and oceans, silkee first appear as seals, but become beautiful women when they shed their skin. Male gnomes grow long beards. Thought to be somewhere between dwarfs and giants, trows are dimwitted, un- friendly, and ugly. Also known as a love faery, the ganconer is a leprechaun-type faery who appears as an incredibly handsome young male. They are the English cousins to the Scottish brownie and Welsh bwca. Every time they shift shape, they get smaller, eventually getting so small, they disappear from sight. The Welsh name for faery cattle, said to be usually milk-white in color. They dress mainly in greens and browns, and are known for their excellent shoe-making skills. Working with Earth, Fire, and stone, they are found underground under moun- tains and hills where they mine metals and gems, especially copper. Very shy, delicate, and reclusive, sprites are winged spirits that dwell in meadows and wood- land glens.

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They are the honor- able ancestral faery women of the old clans of Ireland, who are heard, but rarely seen. Nymphs have the power of prophecy and take mortal lovers.

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