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It's mostly a click YES Spam, but it's your call for the most part. Let's get our diving gear ready for some lovely beach and sea mamono! Humans may also be recruited - women can be monsterized and either join the unit or start a new one, men can be claimed by monstergirls who need them. Extract the files to a folder. Patches, and How to install them Step 1: Structures Cities The main targets of the monstergirl invasion. Monster Units Monstergirls A unit is a party of one or more monstergirls who use monstrous abilities to defeat and convert humans. Resources A resource produces some raw material for a city. Level Design is a must-have!

Monster girl encyclopedia game

They favor seduction, spells, and magic weapons to try and deplete stamina and spirit more than health. Monstergirls and their men can provide information or services to the unit at no cost. The material originates from a set source point and flows into the city along set paths. The gains from winning a battle are not only experience but the surviving humans, whom you either add to the pool of any captured city or monsterize right there. But before that, do we wanna make a game that follows the Order, or the Demon Lord? Structures Cities The main targets of the monstergirl invasion. Monstergirl units of the radical faction set out to monsterize humanity for the demon lord; in response, the human Order take up arms to defend against and ultimately exterminate them. Human Units A human unit is a party of humans out to fight the monstergirl takeover. Unit Actions Combat When doing battle with humans, monstergirls want to take them alive. Humans can too if they are friendly or the unit can trick them into it. Extract the Folders into the Game Directory, and say yes to everything it asks. Civilians Peaceful monstergirls and humans whom units can meet in their travels. This document is an ongoing work in progress. And mostly because I suck ass at it. Monster Units Monstergirls A unit is a party of one or more monstergirls who use monstrous abilities to defeat and convert humans. They can sabotage their essential resources by tainting them with mutagens. Players use them as vectors for poisoning an unfriendly city. Note that monstergirls vary in their need and attachment for men: Same if a monstergirl has no man for too long and starts to covet those of other monstergirls. This is version 0. Resource types vary in how essential they are to cities, the damage they do when tainted, and the ease of noticing the taint. A spring produces water which flows down streams. If she had a romantic interest in the man when she was human, he gets a compatibility bonus whenever assisting her, but she might get very possessive of him as described above. They can engage humans in battle, crushing their defenses and capturing them for monsterization, or just changing them on the spot if they have the power. We've got a demo with simple set up instructions.

Monster girl encyclopedia game

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A Reading From the Monster Girl Encyclopedia: Succubus

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