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Lenders sometimes offer a temporarily discounted interest rate for a home-equity line. Subdivision or condominium-development mortgages that cover a large tract of land are blanket mortgages. Want to thank TFD for its existence? Link to this page: A year mortgage will have a rate that is fixed for all 30 years. Although some debtors, or mortgagors, are able to avoid foreclosure through the equity of redemption, many are not, because redeeming means coming up with the balance of the mortgage plus interest and costs, something that a financially troubled debtor might not be able to accomplish. Failure to redeem results in foreclosure of the borrower's rights in the real estate, which is then sold by the county sheriff at a public fore-closure sale.


Construction mortgages need special treatment depending on state construction-lien law. By assuming the mortgage, the buyer promises to repay the debt and may be personally liable for a deficiency judgment if the sale brings less than the debt. There also might be recurring maintenance fees for the account, or a transaction fee every time there is a draw on the credit line. Because most people cannot afford to buy real estate with cash, nearly every real estate transaction involves a mortgage. An agreement in writing to transfer an estate as a security for the repayment of a sum of money borrowed, or even a deposit of title deeds, and a verbal agreement, will have the same effect of creating an equitable mortgage. In most cases, the payment schedule calls for equal payments that will pay off the entire loan within the loan period. A fixed-rate mortgage carries an interest rate that will be set at the inception of the loan and will remain constant for the length of the mortgage. R ; 2 Mass. This form of relief is known as the equity of redemption. The judicial mortgage is that resulting from judgments, whether these be rendered on contested cases or by default, whether they be final or provisional, in favor of the person obtaining them. A similar European Code exists. The mortgage must be executed according to the formalities required by the laws of the state where the property is located. The traditional second-mortgage loan takes into account the interest rate charged plus points and other finance charges. Ships and other vessels. Moreover, some ARMs limit the amount that the rates may change. The owner finances or "carries" all or part of the mortgage. This right allows the borrower to cancel for any reason by informing the lender in writing within the three-day period. Every form of property maybe mortgaged except the salaries of public functionaries. During the late s, private corporations began insuring repayment of conventional mortgages. On payment of the outstanding balance, together with any interest due, the mortgage is discharged. The conventional mortgage is a contract by which a person binds the whole of his property, or a portion of it only, in favor of another, to secure the execution of some engagement, but without divesting himself of the possession. General mortgage is that which binds all the property, present or future, of the debtor. A second mortgage differs from a home-equity loan in that it is not a line of credit, but rather a more traditional type of loan. This meant that as far as the borrower was concerned, the real estate was of no value, that is, "dead," until the debt was paid in full—hence the Norman-English name "mort" dead , "gage" pledge. An equitable mortgage of lands is one where the mortgagor does not convey regularly the land, but does some act by which he manifests his determination to bind the same for the security of a debt he owes. Mortgage is conventional, legal or judicial. Mortgage is an old English term derived from two French words "mort" and "gage" meaning "dead pledge.


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The following objects are alone susceptible of mortgage: In California a deed of trust to a trustee who holds title for the lender is the preferred security instrument.

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