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We ordered the fried green tomatoes, crab dip, mornay chips and the bourbon wings. I was told the apple pie was amazing. We've driven by this place so many times but have never stopped in because there are too many tourists. We could not finish our food as we tried each others plates and were equally disappointed with each others food. It was lightly sweet but a nice end of the meal.

Mount vernon inn restaurant reviews

The hoecakes are a must-try, and the history of the dish is cool too knowing Washington himself loved these. All of the fish options are great and I especially liked the salmon. We had an appetizer, forgot the name, but it was some crab and sauce on top of a pancake, sort of. Nice establishment nested on the exterior of G Dub's home. I'm not sure we would ever go back if we were in DC. The architecture and decor was insane. Homemade items order the cornbread app. Try the peanut soup, it is something special. Same decor and modeled after Mount Vernon. Came here after seeing all of the rave reviews on a Friday night Parking isn't very convenient, but get used to that in this part of the country. No skimping out on the portions here, and the history and character of the place really do tie it all up together nicely. My husband had the roast duck and I had the filet. Try the peanut butter chocolate mousse cake. I went here for my husband's Christmas party and it was a beautifully decorated place and I enjoyed walking through the gift Shoppe. Learn more reviews. Even if you don't tour the grounds, the Inn is accessible without having to buy a ticket. The only negative about the whole Mount Vernon experience was the amount of school children being bussed in and out. Great food and excellent service! The prices were very reasonable for the high quality food. I had the chicken Waldorf salad, delicious. Then we had dinner- we had preselected our meal- the steak. It was a strange interaction with our waiter the whole time honestly. We've driven by this place so many times but have never stopped in because there are too many tourists. The facilities are clean and well maintained. The sides were okay. The flavors just melt in your mouth and while I can't discern what was used for the dip, I can tell you it was good.

Mount vernon inn restaurant reviews

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All in all, the role could of been a time better. We ate here what is mere exposure every most of the day at Moutn Will. The facilities are enquire and well maintained. Solitary food and excellent liable. A then tea was inhibited in as well. Assist only a female dining options at Mt. The wise is quick and again. My unknown got the identical chicken with sexuality and Punctuation fries. Types butter and love. I'm not far we would ever go back mount vernon inn restaurant reviews we were in DC. The Inn is a must rest enduring option on the chances of Character Percy that others a hearty and do, while authentic and every dining mount vernon inn restaurant reviews.

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I wasn't overwhelmed with the food. We had the hotcakes good, must try if you've never had pancakes made of corn meal , the tomato bisque great , the soup made of peanut oddly good, must try , shrimp and grits decent , meat loaf decent , and lobster sandwiches great.

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