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So organically I think there has always been peaceful living between different religious communities here in Fiji. Can you confirm if killing others is permitted by Islamic laws? Can you explain to us the meaning of Jihad in Islam? Islam has no problem with a secular state: Therefore, if you have a non-Muslim country, for example people who are not of a faith, and Muslims choose to live there, then they would abide by the law of that country as citizens, and that the rights of the Muslims not be undermined. There is no evidence to such a claim.

Muslims in fiji

Islam accepts humanity as a co-existent society. In Lautoka , the Isha Ithul Islam emerged, and in and was directing its efforts towards building a mosque there. What religion came to teach us, and indeed Islam teaches us, is that we are in this world but we are not of this world. The arrival of Mulla Mirza Khan, as a free-immigrant in , was a boost to Islam in Fiji, as he contributed a lot to the educational and religious needs of the Muslims. The first thing to understand about the Iraq and Syria wars, is what I call the politics of war. Further, we actually need to bring back awareness and education and the revival of, true Islam in Fiji: I think Muslims in Fiji are very resilient. Muslim youth[ edit ] There is also a very active youth movement tracing its origins to the s, whose executives meet regularly and organise camps and other gatherings for young Muslims. Islam holds that as long as the corrupt government permits people to continue to function in their religious as well as their social and economic conduct then the corruption of the government should be changed through legal and just due-process. This is a problem because this idea that men and women are the same and are to be treated equally as men and women is problematic. He was the ultimate example of how peace can be existent because it was his lived tradition, heritage and legacy that, ultimately, brought peace to Europe as well. This is actually a positive thing because around the world many people are moving away from religion leaving aside only Muslims, Hindus and Christians. What is Islam, and its God? How do we understand the responsibilities of Muslims regarding the current Iraq and Syria wars? Muslims and others have always continued to participate actively in mainstream Fiji society, and we can see that happening at Government level, authorities level, education, businesses, etc. From to , at least one Muslim was always nominated into the Legislative Council out of a total of five Indian-Fijian representatives. Women actually have special rights which are not being fulfilled and society needs to spend more time for equitable rights to fulfill very unique rights for women, rather than attempting to create a notion that women somehow are to be the same as men. For example, a village has certain ethics and codes as to what can actually happen in that village and similarly in a town or country, etc. Muslims played a significant part in protests against the Indentured Labour system. The Prophet Muhammad actually gave rights to non-Muslims. Islam has no problem with any fair and just government system. So democracy has to be redefined in itself; Islam will not have any problem with any fair and just government which serves its people. Some people claim that Fiji will become a Muslim state. I find the Muslim community to be confident about their religion as well. Can you confirm if killing others is permitted by Islamic laws?

Muslims in fiji

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Climate change and particularly environmental degradation, is a significant issue for Muslims because the environment is a creation of God.

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