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Single File — Left arm and left hand index finger extended straight up. Head shake — When the handlebars shake back and forth due to improper set-up or bumps. Because she looks like an angel, but rides like the devil. Bumblebee is absolutely adorable. For the saddlebags, of course! This is another nickname that sounds fairly intimidating. Armor - Motorcycle riding gear often has foam pads in strategic areas called armor.

Nicknames for motorcycle riders

Displacement - Displacement is the volume of space the piston travels through in one stroke of the engine. Chase Vehicle - A truck or van that rides behind a group of motorcycle rider on a long trip to haul any vehicles that break down along the way. Mix it up with a name like Archie. For example, petroleum is a mixture of many different hydrocarbons. The best results are obtained when the leather fibres are encapsulated without affecting the natural state of the pore structure, so as to maintain the active breathing action. She stings like a hornet, so be careful not to anger her! Although with an engine tuned for power, it might be at the expense of power at low RPM. Heat Race — A qualifying race that determines which riders will advance to the final race. Stop — Left arm extended straight down, left palm facing back. Also known as sweep or tail gunner. You know that Tequila knows how to party. Slippery Road -Point at ground, rub fingers together. This is for the fairly built guy in the group. Sometimes known as "canyon carving. Choose this name if you want to have nicknames completely devoid of creativity. Swing in arc down and up. Motorcycle steering is accomplished by leaning and turning your front wheel to the left will make the bike lean and turn right and vice versa. This is a very good way to shorten the lifespan of an engine. For the saddlebags, of course! Hit the road — Get on the bike and start riding. Head Gasket — Gasket between the cylinder head and the block or piston cylinder. The word mob also refers to a gang of criminals or thieves. This piece covers the top of the cylinder and often houses valves, rockers and overhead cams. While to most of us the word warlock means a male witch, its oldest meaning is "oath-breaker" and traitor. Start Engines -With your right or left arm extended, move your index finger in a circular motion. Poison sounds like someone extremely dangerous. Highbeam — Tap on top of helmet with left hand open palm down.

Nicknames for motorcycle riders

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ESSENTIAL Accessories for Beginner Motorcycle Riders

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Turn that gets progressively tighter as it bends often U-shaped corner. Watch out for this girl because looks can be deceiving.

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