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Treatments There are not a lot of things that can be done to help this inconvenient problem. And the condition isn't well understood even by medical experts. The attacks can occur off and on for months or years, and they often go away on their own. These headaches will go on for a while and disappear as mysteriously as they appeared. Researchers suspect that the enthusiastic exercise that occurs during intercourse, which raises a persons blood pressure and increases their heart rate, also releases certain chemicals into the brain.

Orgasmic cephalagia

I couldn't open my eyes, and I felt dazed for about 30 seconds. Originally released August 14, ; last updated May 16, ; expires May 16, This article includes discussion of primary headache associated with sexual activity, benign coital cephalgia, benign sexual headache, coital headache, and orgasmic cephalgia. The condition has been given a number of names including "orgasmic cephalgia," "benign coital cephalgia," "coital headache," or "benign sexual headache" Martin ; Paulson and Klawans ; Couch ; Johns Of note, this headache should be defined as primary headache after excluding various neurologic conditions brought out by sexual activity Headache Classification Committee of the International Headache Society ; Headache Classification Committee of the International Headache Society Others suggest the use of beta-blockers, which is traditionally a heart medication, which has had some good results in the treatment of migraines. Many women will assume its a line being used to avoid having sex and that their relationship might be in serious danger. It's often a sharp, piercing pain that begins at the base of the skull and moves up toward the front of the head and behind the eyes, according to the British Journal of Medical Practitioners. Headache due to increased intracranial pressure related to physical activity due to sex. This is most important in subjects with a pre-existing condition such as Arnold-Chiari malformation or space-occupying lesion 8. Woman, so frequently accused of using headaches as an excuse not to have sex, have even more trouble convincing their lovers of this headache problem being real. Sex headaches are sharp, severe, sudden pain and anything that can be done to diminish this pain is worth a try. How do you tell your girlfriend or wife that although you love her deeply you cannot make love with her because it hurts your head too much? The attacks can occur off and on for months or years, and they often go away on their own. Wavebreakmedia Ltd Dreamstime To medical experts, it's known as coital cephalgia, an intense, searing headache that's brought on by sexual activity. Follow LiveScience on Twitter livescience. Reversible cerebral constriction syndrome In This Article. This headache can start as a dull bilateral ache with increasing sexual excitement or suddenly become intense with orgasm. Overview Sexually related headache may be primary or secondary. They further surmise that these chemicals then become a headache trigger. While some people experience a "pre-orgasmic headache" that slowly builds up, others describe a sudden splitting headache at or near the moment of orgasm. Indomethacin Indocin , a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, has been used successfully to treat coital cephalgia. Doctors stress it's important to immediately seek medical attention in the event of any sudden, powerful headache. It is not a psychosomatic headache. Headache with carotid or vertebral dissection 4. In this article, the author updates the discussion of primary headache associated with sexual activity. Headache related to muscle tension, muscle rupture, or fascial tear in neck related to sexual activity 9. Researchers believe, however, that the condition may be more common, since patients are often too embarrassed to discuss it with their doctors.

Orgasmic cephalagia

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Overview Sexually related headache may be primary or secondary.

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