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They appear to be good friends with Dan's father seeing how he runs a bait shop and they come to buy some bait for fishing. When he first came to the planet, Leepthor took over Copernicus' body and used him as a cover so he won't be exposed. Rory is Amanda's uncle who disappeared leaving his journal behind for his niece to find but in reality, he was taken prisoner on Planet X and escaped Overlord's prison. Overlord is the main official of Planet X's leaders and one of three aliens who constantly check on Copernicus's progress. Main characters[ edit ] Daniel Aloysius "Dan" Zembrosky Vincent Tong is the sixteen-year-old protagonist who typically hangs out with his best friends Amanda and Troll. Like any playground, those built for senior or multigenerational use also serve as social hubs. The seniors were more confident and moved faster, and felt empowered to manage physical obstacles when they met them.

Planet fitness in bronx

Since he started receiving packages, Dan has taken on a slight hero role. The best installations help to improve balance and minimize the risk of falls, build muscle strength and tone, extend your range of motion, and improve your manual dexterity. Recurring characters[ edit ] CuRT is a robot assistant, the keeper of the group's packages at the abandoned observatory and the 1st package Dan ever received. He respects all nature and animals, except racoons due to one of his ancestors being a raccoon hunter. Like Dan, Troll usually acts first and asks questions later when it comes to packages. Amanda Highborn Britt Irvin is the genius of the group due to her uncle Rory leaving her a journal telling her about the packages and what do they do. Most playgrounds for older people feature low-impact exercise equipment designed to promote flexibility, balance and coordination, along with areas that promote community. There have been multiple occasions where he uses them to his advantage in the group's everyday lives, but he still always comes through. Dooley Michael Daingerfield is the science teacher to West Iron High who resembles the typical strict teacher. They appear to be good friends with Dan's father seeing how he runs a bait shop and they come to buy some bait for fishing. Troll Moko Ty Olsson is Dan's best friend and his right-hand man. Moko are Troll's parents. A new trend in fitness has people who are way past childhood working out — or just hanging out — in playgrounds designed especially for seniors. Barcelona now boasts more than senior playground installations. To some extent, these gains have been documented: He tend to fail Dan either because he goofs off or just for the fun of it. It has opened up new possibilities, not just physically. Calimary temporarily teamed up with Troll in "Mission to Planet X" and considered joining Dan's group, but Troll, seeing Copernicus needed her more than them, let Calimary return to serving her master. Duane Zembrovski Colin Murdock is Dan's father and the owner of the family's bait shop in the docks. The group once suspected him of working with Copernicus, but was later revealed to be hiring him as the new janitor. It's well known that her mother is obsessed with shoes and tries to make her a pageant girl. She's been trying to get Amanda to do girly things like wanting her to dress all pretty, wants her to hang out with female friends, and giving her dolls to play with that cause Amanda to fear dolls. Some 15 cities, from New York to San Antonio and Miami, already have outdoor senior playgrounds and multigenerational fitness parks, and more are on the way, though not as quickly as proponents would like to see. Although Terrance usually comes out on top, he always gets his comeuppance. He find him incompetent but is continuously fooled by Dan into thinking Copernicus has taken over earth. They run a fishing market and catch fish in the ocean. Add the element of play, and you have the perfect solution for what sometimes ails us as seniors.

Planet fitness in bronx

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The group once suspected him of working with Copernicus, but was later revealed to be hiring him as the new janitor.

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