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It's worth the money and trip. Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter, etc. Still one of the best homemade chocolate candy businesses in the area. I've received boxes of chocs for V Day, Christmas, my birthday, etc for many, many years and I'm always excited about it. The store is located just behind that on Bloomfield Ave.


I love caramel and the last caramel with sea salt that I tried, I asked, "why would you do that? When I was younger my Easter basket was stuffed with all kinds of goodies from here. The Rhebs candy boxes were cold, the chocolates were slightly chilled but not cold or frozen. The packaging is done nicely and you hand select and customize your order. This is a legendary place for chocolates. They have parking for customers located a short walk from the storefront. Best chocolate I've eaten, at a grand Christmas party in Soho at the home of artist Edwina Sandys granddaughter of Winston Churchill, and author of many art books for children as well as adults. I was at a party at which the hostess served Rheb's served with coffee and I proceeded to share on FB , tagging anyone remotely close to Baltimore. Beyond the best chocolate I have ever had. And, years later, I'm still going with her, because it's just such a Baltimore Event. Not sure how they make their chocolate so delicious, but they do. Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter, etc. I broke down and ordered some for the rest of the fam too. I stared out the window of my hospital room at St. Great shop for chocolate lovers. I went to the Bellevue location when visiting relatives. Rheb's has its own dedicated parking lot which has tons of parking spaces. This was always a staple. I would get a box for family and then eat it. I am not a big chocolate connoisseur nor do I have a big sweet tooth anymore but I do like my fix once in a while. I came looking for this place because I had a girlfriend who worked here. Rheb's candies are a nice gift to give when going to someone's house or for a present during holidays or anytime. My dad grew up on Wilkens Avenue, so I've been eating Rhebs since my parents let me have candy. I'm usually there about three hours. Rhebs has chocolate creations that in my existence have never tasted before.


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If you really want, I'll share my secret combination for a perfect half-pound Mixed Dark box. After several ill-fated attempts to have any one of my hospital visitors run over there to get me a treat, I vowed to pay this place a visit when I was able!

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