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And so what better way to profess the same to your girlfriend than by hiding a ring inside its petals. Have the map lead to a favorite restaurant or special landmark for the promise ring presentation. In the midst of nature If you both love the outdoors, few settings can be as romantic as a hillside bathed in the light of a setting sun or a clear, balmy night under the stars. Landon Carter helping Jamie Sullivan cross off her life list… so many cinematic moments to choose from! And as you and your girlfriend sit holding hands, seemingly lost in the wondrous beauty of nature, gently slip in the box containing the ring into her fingers.

Romantic ways to give a promise ring

Just make sure your partner finds you! Now light several floating candles and place them on the water. A poem of love For lovers of poetry, this could make a wonderful way of presenting a ring. After flipping through a few pages, she will discover the ring — a perfect ode to your love. Your moment, and your promise, is unique. Her look of puzzlement is sure to turn into a squeal of delight in the next few seconds. Keep the ring on a small plate and cover it so it looks like part of the breakfast menu. Pick her favorite romantic movie scene and make it come to life! Buy a book of love poems for your girlfriend, preferably by her favorite poet s. Run a warm bath for her and on it sprinkle rose petals or aromatic bath oil. Simple and Traditional Promises Many couples opt to give a promise ring in a quiet but special location. Dessert night A more private and economical variation of the above idea would be to have a special dessert night at home. And one of the most romantic ways to show how serious you are is to give her a ring. Buy personalized fortune cookies with fortunes that hint at a promise in the future. The perfect presentation will be different for every promise ring and for every couple. And once she reaches the final destination, she will find much more than the she thought she was playing for. For more personal promises, make it a solo act. Create a memory that fits the promise! Set a breakfast tray for her with toast, eggs, juice and a flower for decoration. Say it with flowers Red roses have always been associated with the ardor and passion of romantic love. Maybe you just want to mark the moment during a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant, at a local park or quietly at home. A Serenade of Promises Grab some friends and go old school with a song dedicated to your significant other. Perfect a favorite song, and serenade your way into presenting the promise ring! Go chocolaty If your girlfriend loves chocolates, as most women do, here is a delicious way to present her a ring. Once you present it your girlfriend, make sure she keeps it in a safe, prominent place like her dresser or the bedside table.

Romantic ways to give a promise ring

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Surprised my girlfriend with a promise ring

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Remove one of the chocolates from the box and replace it with the ring. Just make sure your partner gets the right cookies!

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