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This provides a strong but light weight damper. The BD2A2 is constructed with a thicker blade and starts opening at 0. Low leakage optional with seals fpm 10" w. High velocity fpm 4. Galvanized steel backdraft damper. The company is known for its high-performance air control solutions, including dampers, louvers, energy recovery ventilators ERV , air measurement devices and sound control for HVAC systems. Ultra low leakage fpm 12" wide 13" w. With the addition of the optional blade seals the leakage for this damper is under 0.

Ruskin cbd4

Ultra low leakage fpm 12 wide 16 w. Ruskiprene CD50 Extruded aluminum Airfoil blade control damper. Neoprene Option MD15 Manual balancing damper with hand quad. Standard leakage fpm 5" w. Both dampers will handle 2, fpm and back pressures up to 16" w. High velocity and high pressure conditions. Ruskiprene CD35 Galvanized 3-V groove blade control damper. Low leakage fpm 12" wide 13" w. The new space supports the production of dampers and louvers and includes assembly lines, a fabrication stamping area and other amenities. The CD60 may be used in systems with total pressures exceeding 3. Some of the products are: Ruskin products are used in commercial applications such as data centers, high-rise buildings, retail, hotels, healthcare and education facilities. The rolled duct stops make for ease of installation and sealing the duct work to the damper. Medium velociy and pressure. The CDRS25 damper is one of the lowest leak dampers in the industry. The BD2A2 is constructed with a thicker blade and starts opening at 0. Controlling the airflow in today s buildings is becoming more demanding and demanding customers choose Ruskin. Turbulance may produce objectionable noise in some conditions with velocities above fpm. High velociy and high pressure conditions. A 48" diameter damper can withstand 4" static pressure. Ultra low leakage fpm 12" wide 13" w. Ruskiprene 11 CD51 Aluminum flat blade. The CD35 comes standard with full length blade stops and optional blade or jamb seals. Its sturdy galvanized steel construction features our interlocking frame design with the strength of 13 gage material. This construction allows Ruskin to ship actuators installed on the damper.

Ruskin cbd4

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High velocity fpm 16" w.

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