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This is especially true when involved in a new project. They have boundless energy and need activity and results or they become bored. They have great difficulty confronting or pressuring others, but when they do they can be sarcastic and slightly offensive. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine is accommodating and easy to be with both in the work environment and as a friend. They need to be shown how to do a task, and then left alone.

Sanguine phlegmatic relationships

They become sleepy when sitting still after only a few minutes, and will go to sleep very quickly. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine prefers a mostly private, routine existence, and involvement with family and a few friends. They tend to have difficulty in relationships because they are rigid and maintain high standards. Working on any relationship is too easily put off for working on work. This combination naturally likes being the leader and is often an executive. This versatile, eager, self-starter is very competitive. The Melancholy-Phlegmatic is naturally skilled at analyzing everything they do and everything that happens in their life. They dislike details or doing tedious work, however, they see the importance of details, and can easily delegate that to others. The Melancholy-Sanguine needs to be alone most of time, and they need to be with people some of the time. The primary temperament need is to do things right. They are successful because of their commitment to completing a task. They can do things to an extreme. The Melancholy-Phlegmatic can become aggressive to restore harmony to their environment. They resist change until reasons are explained, defended, and accepted. They have boundless energy and need activity and results or they become bored. They are amiable and easygoing, and slowly pace their way through life. They follow self-imposed, strict procedures in both their business and personal lives. Cocoris on this website. The Melancholy-Choleric can be too forceful in insisting the right way or their way be followed. When the Sanguine and the Melancholy natural tendencies are combined, it produces a people-person who is sensitive, creative, and detail-oriented. They are systematic, precise thinkers who tend to follow procedures in both their business and personal lives. In order to function well, they need information, time alone to think, and a plan from which to operate. The Idealist is a systematic, precise thinker and will follow procedures in both their business and personal life. This is an assertive and energetic persons who works well with and through people. The Melancholy-Phlegmatic has difficulty going to sleep because they are thinking about, well, everything! They learn by doing hands on. The Phlegmatic-Choleric is a dispassionate anchor of reality.

Sanguine phlegmatic relationships

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The Melancholy-Sanguine likes to have fun and laugh when they feel comfortable and accepted. Once they have a plan, however, they may not be consistent or follow through because of the fear of failure.

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