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In Scorpio's case, this ideal partner would be Taurus. This zodiac match equals a passionate and successful relationship. If an individual's natal chart is Scorpio-dominant, this person will partner best with a chart-dominant Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer or Virgo. Scorpio finds it impossible to control independent Aquarius. If you would like to explore this further please see the astrology compatibility readings page. Leo craves attention and adulation. On the one hand, both Taurus and Scorpio are passionate, sexual signs that will find they have much in common when it comes to their attitude toward relationships. They are both extremely loyal, and often possessive of one another. Scorpio's passion and public displays of affection are too much for the restrained Virgo.

Scorpio relationship matches

However, when same-sign couples come together, the sign is magnified, for good or bad. Leo craves attention and adulation. Scorpio's emotional needs are far different. Both Signs have very powerful, yet strategically different, personalities. A relationship with Virgo will bore Scorpio before long. Though Scorpio is more passionate in the bedroom, the Crab is always eager to please, keeping Scorpio satisfied with the relationship all around. Such similarities may inhibit relationship growth as well as the personal growth of each partner. Scorpio women with questions about their love life should try consulting a psychic for answers. Scorpio's need to control makes Cancer feel safe and protected. Lust can make sparks fly at first, but when they die out, there will be little left to stay for. The relation will be exciting, maybe even like a big gasp. Consulting a psychic can help Scorpio women find out how to make their relationships last so they can hold on to love. Finding love is challenging. Scorpio craves security, broods, and is nostalgic. However, over time, the Lion will show his flirtatious side and make Scorpio very jealous. The initial attraction will be intense and sensual. This often results in an unstable, rocky union that rarely results in marriage. Generalizing too far based just on sun signs can therefore be misleading. Scorpio is too jealous, brooding, and intense for light-hearted social Libra, and Libra's cavalier approach to commitment and responsibility push Scorpio's hot buttons. They usually share a reluctance to change, preferring a stable and steady road. They're also more strong-willed and erotic than other zodiac signs. Libra September 23 — October 22 Scorpio is too protective for a free-spirited and careless Libra man. Some are more likely to compliment or complain! Scorpio even looks at the past so distant it is called legendary, and the traditions that are mythical. On the other hand, the two are both so intense that arguments and dramatics will be common issues.

Scorpio relationship matches

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Is Scorpio Compatible with Scorpio?

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Their differences can push both of them to grow, but they can also lead to fights that escalate into cold-wars. Sagittarius craves adventure, is independent, and always has eyes on the future.

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