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Problem is, her leading man is a little too convincing in the role. It also runs counter to the precedent set by other cards, including cards that cancel other cards. We will declare it as a reward, with the production value. A new rule book with a solitaire version of Alliances. Please visit our website to find out more. Our company has developed the game to a point where we are ready to produce it.

Seduction board game

Questions about this project? If a second vampire encounter exists, resolve Stake on that encounter. We might face some delays in shipping the games, with the ocean freight, the importing and customs process and with final distribution. Deck of 48 cards 32 Alliance tokens 16 of each color 1 Conflict token Rule book We at Golden Egg Games value our international backers and fans. As you can see, there is an obvious conflict between the two cards' effects. As this is our second published game board project, most of our capital was invested in our previous game and we need your help to get a better production value for "Alliances". When trouble finds them, they discover a werewolf and a demoness just might make an out-of-this-world match. If a Hoax is revealed instead of a vampire encounter, Stake resolves its effect discarding both Stake and the Hoax and Seduction is simply discarded. The only time an event card must be played is when the timing is "Play Immediately" with no "or" clause , in which case the moment it is drawn, it is played. Alliances is our 2nd board game project, and we wish to get your support to make this game as great as the KS backers did in our first game: Cards with more specific effects take priority over cards with more general effects Because Seduction specifically triggers an effect off of a vampire encounter while Stake triggers an effect on both vampire encounters and Hoax, Seduction would get priority on the first Vampire encounter revealed just like with Option A above. But forbidden turns to fraught with danger when they find themselves trapped in a lovers' version of Jumanji. For the sake of the rest of the answer, assume Dracula did in fact play it when a hunter that revealed Stake decided to search. A successful campaign will also allow our designing team to push forward additional game designs towards publication. We designed this game in such a manner that in order to teach, learn and play the game you do not need to know any specific language. Note that since Stake is revealed when a hunter searches not "played" , it isn't discarded until a vampire or hoax is found, and thus can be used until this happens. Isabelle knows she shouldn't step out on the beach for a midnight stroll with suave Jonathan, but what's a vacation for if not a little forbidden romance? If a vampire encounter exists, resolve the rest of Seduction's effect and then discard Seduction. Means of Power expansion More exclusive rewards will be unlocked by stretch goals. KS exclusive scoring pad. The Gathering and Red Dragon Inn. A new rule book with a solitaire version of Alliances. The top effect on the stack gets priority Last in, First Out This is fundamentally the opposite of Option C in that the last effect added Seduction, in this case is on top of the stack and resolves first, akin to games like Magic: That Ol' Team Spirit: Liberated from a dangerous cult, Julia Tate needs protection from her incubus father.

Seduction board game

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We might face some delays in shipping the games, with the ocean freight, the importing and customs process and with final distribution. If a Hoax or Vampire encounter is revealed, Stake triggers and the item and encounter card are both discarded, moving Seduction to the front of the queue, which in turn allows it to activate when a Vampire encounter is revealed.

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