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For Woynishet, however, the way forward seems confusing. And this can lead to serious social problems. Number of sex workers like Woynishet, is growing in the city. This is one commercial sex worker for every 60 adult male Addis Ababan. One need not even have to walk far to get this kind of services anymore. There are also semi red light districts in certain slums, commonly referred to as DC Dirty Corner villages.

Sex in addis ababa

Another push factor for young girls is unwanted pregnancy out of wedlock. From ladies standing by street light polls to high class sex workers in bars, Kazanchis was the main place to get commercial sex in all its forms. And it is increasing. This new phenomenon of the time even forced some to express their amazement in a poem, which later becomes famous. They may work as waitresses, hairdressers, tailors, masseuses in massage parlours, street vendors, or beer promotion girls and supplement their income by selling sex on the side on a regular basis or occasionally. For the time being, however, she has already made contacts to move to one of the hotels around Saris, another sex center in Addis. The main reason that drove her out of her home town: The Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, whose officials were not available for comment, does not have any major department or project engaged with CSWs. Almost Pct of the women encountered in smaller bars, restaurants and nightclubs of the capital [Addis Ababa] and other towns are prostitutes. The involvement of stronger business people in the industry could further lead to the abuse of women and young children involving a web of human traffickers controlling the operation. Following this and the emergence of other forms of prostitution, commercial sex service is leaving its mark on the culture, economy and conscience of the nation. She does not want to go back to her home town. This is one commercial sex worker for every 60 adult male Addis Ababan. But recently, these services have come to every street corner. Though not exactly respected as a profession, prostitution is considered as a perfectly viable means of making a living. Comparing this with present estimates, the number has almost doubled in a decade. Among the waitresses 40—45Pct admitted to being involved in sex work besides their official job. And the practice will end up in the hands of criminals. Banning does not seem the right solution for academicians. After working as a waitress for about six months, frustration starts to sink in. As a consequence, the absolute size of the FSW population remains largely unknown. The social stigma attached to prostitution in the West is lacking in Ethiopia. Direct female sex workers FSW are typically women who officially recognize themselves as sex workers and earn their living by selling sex. And this can lead to serious social problems. Urbanization causes movement of people from one place to another, which in turn causes destabilization of marriages and families. Once the country turns into such a place, the industry will involve more organized business people and pimp.

Sex in addis ababa

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This trend is especially more visible in the last decade, when almost every bar and night club include women that turn tricks, in its menu of services. The social stigma attached to prostitution in the West is lacking in Ethiopia.

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