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Maybe they read the glossary, where entries like "Candles" recommended and "Beards" not recommended are listed in alphabetical order. Regan is arranging book and t-shirt giveaways and features with Jane magazine, and a radio satellite tour. Remind yourself that you are there to lead her steadfastly through the process of sexual response to orgasm. Any man who wants to have a happy, healthy sex life and truly know what a woman wants should definitely be reading this book. I don't know about you, but I am not a native of the Pacific Island of Mangaia, where boys are trained from early adolescence in the cunnilingual arts. In this excerpt from She Comes First, author Ian Kerner stresses the importance of the first few touches when it comes to pleasing your lady, and how a good "first impression" will dictate how the rest of the oral sex session goes. Let it breathe, sniff and savor the bouquet, admire the body, note the complexion and tone, and then, finally, take that much-anticipated first sip. He also takes the reader through the steps of the female orgasm, so anyone who has ever wondered if their partner is faking should be able to identify the difference between a phony and the real thing. Advertisement You look up from this book with a weird revised sense of intellectual history.

She comes first by ian kerner

Ian Kerner is also a regular contributor to several magazines and newspapers as well as making appearances on various television programs such as The Today Show. The other thing that sets She Comes First above some other books is that it is a well-thought-out work, which never seems like a cheesy sex manual. Kerner has such a good grasp, not only on a woman's anatomy, but also on how a woman thinks, that I almost felt like he was inside my head while reading the book. She Comes First keeps everything very simple and real. If this book could teach my husband, a normally attentive lover, a few new tricks, I can only imagine what it might do for other men who aren't quite as skilled or considerate. Women should also do themselves a favor by encouraging their lover to read it, or at the very least, leave it lying around where it can be easily found. Then delicately peel them to the side to reveal the glistening wet vulva. Loaded with practical anatomical information the clitoris has 18 distinct parts, and more nerve fibers than any other part of the human body and graphic line drawings, the book also touches on the less mechanical, more psychological aspects of oral sex, including the three assurances every woman needs from her lover to feel comfortable: This dark question emerges from the pages of She Comes First: Overall, She Comes First is a book that I would highly recommend to both men and women. Who knew that the clitoris wasn't just the "love button," but an entire network of eighteen different parts, all of which contribute to experiencing sexual pleasure? Also, while many sex books incorporate full-color photos which is fine sometimes , She Comes First sticks with ordinary line drawings which keep the reader's focus on the substance of the text while enhancing the words with helpful illustrations. It's not going to feel very transgressive when guys start carrying Dr. I've seen a number of sex books which seem more like porn than realistically helpful instruction books. Now that I know his philosophies definitely match my own, I'll certainly be looking up his articles and interviews as well. Run your fingers gently through her pubic hair. Review As a woman, I know that I am not exactly the target audience for this book, but I decided to read it along with my husband. How may different types of orgasms is a woman capable of experiencing? White, and the Taoist master Wu Hsien. Make sure that your first kiss is less about direct contact with the clitoris and more about appreciating the entire genital area. Aristotle was a great thinker; Aristotle performed cunnilingus; if I perform cunnilingus, I'm a great thinker, too. It really hits the nail on the head when it comes to helping men understand a woman's body and what makes her tick, and the most amazing thing about that is it was written by a man. Blowing into a woman's vagina may cause an embolism and lead to death. If this book could teach my husband, a normally attentive lover, a few new tricks, I can only imagine what it might do for other men who aren't quite as skilled or considerate. Kerner's advice to heart. An earlier version of this piece misstated the name of the fruit on the cover of She Comes First.

She comes first by ian kerner

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