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Yet I think that the effects will be long-lasting. And these rural-based models of how to behave are proving to be appealing to disgruntled rush-hour cowboys. WINN then delivered the letters, which were almost unanimously against busing, to Kentucky's senators and representatives in Washington. Braun is still country, but WINN isn't. But if that sounds like a small slice, it isn't. We'd like to stick to your bumper, soldier. Not only that, television watching has been dropping off in the last few years and, according to the RAB, always drops off about 26 percent during the good weather months.

Shepherdsville ky newspaper

But we may get into danceable new-wave stuff. Program director Johnny Morgan said he has no worries at the moment and that he is confident the station was on the right track with its "progressive-oldies-adult-contemporary" mix. The results of the rift and the subjective nature of determine what a "country" sound is were seen at WINN last fall. Then Moon Mullins replaced Al Risen as the station's music director. WAKY also has an announcer change. Morgan favors the label "oh wow music," because WRKA's format is designed to cause listeners in the rich to year-old group to say exactly that when they hear a memorable song. Radio, on the other hand, reaches 96 percent of the adult men and women in the country for an average of three hours each summer day, the RAB says. By Jim Oppel If you've noticed that Louisville radio stations seem to playing a game of musical chairs, switching call letters, formats and disc jockeys about as readily as partners are changed in a square dance, you're not alone. The only problem with it is that for the people to act and make the music "gold," they must hear it first, and mostly, they get that first hearing on the radio. I'm not saying there's nothing we won't play, but our research tells us we're giving people what they want," he said. There are always changes; we'll change too, as our listeners change. The ratings, published by Pulse, Inc. With the exception of 24,watt WVEZ, the top four stations just happen to be the most powerful. One result is that country radio audiences, once written off by advertisers as interested in buying only flour or fertilizer, are now attracting such clients as automobile dealers and apartment building owners. He is now J. It's a true democracy," says Hatfield. If DJs, like good-field, no-hit shortstops can be underrated, then Donovan is. Forward-Looking[ edit ] Campbellsville University the local university , Taylor Regional Hospital the regional health care system , and the amazon. The legends - Alan Freed, Murray "The K" Kaufman, Dick Biondi, to name just three - had incredible saturation among the young rock listeners and the all-day-listening housewives around the country. He now works at WAMZ. With me, the music comes first. But let's go back just a bit. Kennedy - WCII, p. What's on the radio? Other ideas to capture and hold listeners abound, too. For several years, those billions just kept doubling, and suddenly, all forms of rock radio became important again. The format is different, too.

Shepherdsville ky newspaper

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WRKA hadn't been on the air long enough to have any ratings this time around, but it is definitely in the fray. He now works at WAMZ.

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