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All his cooking endeavors seem to involve him actually cooking himself, somehow transforming his actual body into whatever it was he was supposed to be cooking such as covering himself in dough, dipping his head into a vat of lard, and emerging with his head as a perfect, chocolate frosted doughnut. Jargon Scott A salesperson who often turns up on the "Calls From the Public" portion of the show to try and sell legless dogs to Sifl and Olly. A surreal sock puppet show airing late on MTV. Precious Roy Also voiced by Crocco. Once he is reminded that he can be seen, he usually attempts to hide or change his story. He speaks in non sequiturs , seems unaware of what his products actually are, and punctuates his last sentence of the segment with "suckers! Sifl and Olly Show! Sifl and Olly would introduce the product, during which time Sifl would admit to having a specific problem.

Siffle and olly

He seems to think pandas are magical beings, that are unstoppable vicious beasts. Another recurring song, equally delightful, is when they take calls from the public; the song goes: Whenever the show was aired again, the music videos would be removed, leaving only the comedy clips. On more than one event the world has been marked for destruction by a creature or object from space that was using the shows "Call from the public" forum to announce a final warning only to be left with a "big decision to make" when they discovered that Zafo had a show that night. He has performed two songs about pandas in the show, one in the first season, and one in the recent revival , and he claims they "will cease at number ". Often Olly would sing nonsensical lyrics to accompany the lead in music much to the chagrin of Sifl. Lynch left Kent State and the duo was separated for a few years, but they reunited in Nashville , Tennessee in the s and recorded the comedy album Camp Sunny Side Up on a 4-Track. It is possible that they simply tape their show in their apartment, but some segments clearly imply that the two are "not home" during taping. They'd take some calls and Sifl would lose his temper, then they'd hear from Precious Roy, who would spout a non-sequitur and finish with his catchphrase, "Suckers! As charming as it was low-budget. He also has a tattered white sleeve covering most of his body, giving him a disheveled appearance. I got legless dogs here! The Precious Roy segments are filled with the same jokes, including the "Sold" counter running down instead of up, and Precious Roy's shouted non-sequiturs, followed by his catchphrase, "Suckers! Aesop's speech is incomprehensible. He is very forgetful, often forgetting that he lives in the studio, that he is on a television show, or that the fans in the "Letters to Chester" segments aren't in the studio. Michael Straczynski was also a noted fan of the show, and at one time Lynch and Crocco were planning a sock puppet character voiced by Straczynski until the show was cancelled. Each minute-episode opens with the very catchy theme song: I watch YouTube clips of it more than is healthy. Cody Voiced by Liam Lynch. Sifl is the calmer leader of the show, while Olly is more excitable and often breaks into crazed furies. Aesop Jones A television chef, and another of the few non-sock characters he is simply a doll dressed like a chef. In , while Lynch was still in Liverpool, he found some broken 4-Track tapes and repaired them. Olly took point in these segments, because Crocco, who provided the voice for Sifl, also provided the voice of Chester. This gives him a distinct shape, resulting in a vacant smile and the appearance of innards in his mouth. A violent degenerate with a grudge against Olly Olly drove a golf cart through his bar mitzvah dressed in a beaver costume. Sifl and Olly would introduce the product, during which time Sifl would admit to having a specific problem.

Siffle and olly

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Sifl & Olly S01E01 What Mysterious Coincidence Links Prodigy to Pink Floyd

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Cody Voiced by Liam Lynch.

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