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Figures are performed exactly as they are described in this manual. One of these is the passing rule, which states that whenever two dancers are walking toward each other and want to get by each other, they pass right shoulders. Set Two lines of dancers face each other, customarily with females in one line, males in the other. You might find this movement similar to a grapevine step in an upbeat jazz dance. The couples are then numbered and move counterclockwise through the square. If multiple figures are called that do not change the couple's or mini-wave's relative position, then the handhold is maintained through the multiple figures NOT dropped and picked up again between figures. The call Run is a good example how a dancer has to move in a different way according to his current position and line of sight.

Simple square dance steps

Partners should always join inside hands, even if they are facing opposite directions. Man twirls the lady under his arm to finish the swing. Read on to know more about this dance form involving 4 couples in a square arrangement. So what happens if you are separated from your original partner but the caller asks for you to do something? They then pass through, dropping their right hands, after which their left hands are placed in each other's. Face your partner, step past each other passing right shoulders and without turning around step back to back then back up passing left shoulders until you are in front of your partner again. Promenade Partners cross hands and walk counterclockwise back to their original positioning. Handhold This is when a hand from one dancer comes together with the hand of another dancer. International The dance movements are the same and called in English everywhere, so you can do Square Dance all over the world. Couples are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 starting with the couple closest to the caller and moving counterclockwise. While for the ladies a circular skirt, a petticoat and pettipants or a long western skirt with a blouse in matching colors is appropriate. Jun 6, Inspired by folk dancing, square dance is a hit amongst older generations at festivals and fairs. And of course you can also visit other clubs or even take part in Square Dance events. The adjacent inactive dancers adjust by stepping to the side into the vacated position from the active dancer without changing facing direction. Was this page useful? Stop when you get to your partner. One of the easiest calls is Pass Thru. When this grasp is broken, the handhold is over. Basic Dance Steps Since then, it has been designated as the official state dance in 19 U. Learning square dance steps is an enjoyable way to get some exercise while learning a new craft. Then, without turning around, the man will move in a circle around her which will have his left shoulder passing hers. This usually requires six to eight couples. Everyone face their corner, take a left forearm with their corner and circles around until they are facing their partners again, Drop arms. Square Dance Be there or be square Square Dance is a dance for four couples. Right and Left Grand:

Simple square dance steps

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