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Craig claims that the decision was made after they experienced paranormal activity themselves, he said that it scared them to a point where "their only comfort was to say it was fake. This article includes major spoilers throughout. The website had few updates since and was taken down in March of It could be a person entering the shot, it could be CGI, it could be a real ghost. Is this the direction of the buildings entrance or does it lead further into the building. So, they thought it might have been a good way for the trust that runs the island to be able to make some money to maintain the old buildings.

Sir noface documentary

The camera began recording at 9: The camera remained untouched all night. He's referred to as Sir, or at least he was until Craig's team caught him on camera, which showed he had a complete lack of discernible facial features, hence the nickname was updated to Sir Noface. Also, it's a little rich of Chad to criticise Craig for not pursuing an expert's opinion when he only asked one expert himself and the expert he asked was actually unable to say for sure whether the footage was faked or not. The documentary, which is just shy of two hours long, revolves around the spooky goings on at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, and follows Chad on his journey to validate the video evidence collected by the West Sydney Paranormal Research WSPR team at the location, including the clip of a spirit dubbed "Sir Noface". What they found compelled them to reach out to other paranormal investigators. Dark of the Moon, The Avengers and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, who concluded there was no tampering with the footage, which led Calek and his team to one final conclusion. The only reason I know that the Transformers aren't real is because I know that robots like that don't exist. After analysing the clip, Danny says the figure "just doesn't seem like it moves in what we would call 'reality', but there is no way for me to tell you that this is fake. Chad says that through comparison he concluded that Sir Noface is around cm tall. It's a good build up to what we're all desperate to see at this point, the clip that floored Chad, the world-changing footage that could be proof of the paranormal. I think Chad did a fairly good job of investigating Craig and his team, but did very little else to validate or debunk the clip, yet he is convinced that it is definitive proof of the paranormal. One of them was Calek. It could be a person entering the shot, it could be CGI, it could be a real ghost. The group's Facebook page has been deleted, their Twitter page hasn't been updated for over a year and their YouTube channel was rebranded to "Darkness Downunder" in , but it doesn't contain any video evidence collected by the team. Filmmakers and paranormal investigators Chad Calek and Justin Holstein will host a screening of the documentary Sir Noface, which they believe contains definitive evidence of paranormal existence, next Saturday at House of Blues. This included an interview with Craig's wife Nicky, who was one of the researchers who set up the camera at the location that night. It's not Hollywood," Calek says. There are a few stories about them in local Sydney news dating back to around , but nothing more. Print Article AA If you're the type who believes the things going bump in the middle of the night are not old plumbing or animals in the attic but instead might actually be ghosts, you're not alone. The website had few updates since and was taken down in March of The marketing for the supernatural movie 'The Blair Witch Project' completely revolved around selling it as a factual documentary, but of course it was nothing more than a fictional piece of entertainment. It's one of two things, you have legitimately captured a full body apparition and paranormal activity on film or you are pulling off one of the greatest hoaxes ever. Chad sums up the debate on the use of digital manipulation by saying that "Danny absolutely concluded it is not CGI," but he didn't. Is this the direction of the buildings entrance or does it lead further into the building. Saying it's a documented true story doesn't mean it is.

Sir noface documentary

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The former penal establishment's most famous ghost as that of a man who is said to have been seen wearing military uniform.

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