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It would take quite a while for the process to be successful. This was a side of Kim Possible that they didn't know existed. Once Betty had calmed down and regained her composer, she noticed that Du was still being held captive. She also told him that if anyone had to, then to use the intercom. According to the news, the meeting shall begin early tomorrow morning. You will have to fabricate a story of lies for their questions while at the same time not revealing anything of Yamanouchi. Sadly, they were unable to interpret the computer text quick enough to save the footage before the whole thing crashed. Betty continued, "Since your organization does not exist, it will fall upon Global Justice to persuade the representatives of their respective countries to have Stoppable placed in our custody where he shall train and learn to control this power.


Betty looked at Du and said, "Listen, when you are released from the ninja's grasp, you will not retaliate in any shape or form. Her emotional and mental health was nowhere near stable enough to do even a simple assassination. That is an order. What did the smeghead say about it? My whole summer is filled with Doc. I hate the fact that some people on this planet say that the Holocaust is a lie. You will have to fabricate a story of lies for their questions while at the same time not revealing anything of Yamanouchi. Some may also tell others of what you really said. He soon wished he had not done that. Other times life gives you apples, but then does a dick move. While Ron continued to twitch his right eye with his jaw hanging, Betty had managed to shake her head free of what she heard. I saw him open some sort of portal and he threw them in, sealing it shut afterwards. What methods do you guys use to deal with the pycoligic problems? She knew that if she made one move, she would die. He may have improved his grades from a 'C' average to a 'B' average, mostly because he thought Kim deserved the best, but his memory still needed some work. Betty was not surprised. Stoppable-san shall not be killed. Now, back to the reason why we are here: It was clear to Betty that Yamanouchi ninjas were far beyond the skills of even the deadliest assassin. Three of them had appeared around him, in a triangle formation. Five minutes later, an agent knocked on Betty's office door with Ron by his side, ankles and wrists shackled. But do so in the most discrete manner there is. Yuri was not physically injured, but was found still clinging to Hirotaka, shaking with pure fear. And if you want more proof that he did save this planet, then ask my parents, his parents, and everyone who was at graduation. We learn to find inner peace and accept that our lives as ninjas and what we must do are a part of our destiny. It's like nothing can hurt me.


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He soon wished he had not done that. You are here simply to listen and accept your fate.

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