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So we have expectations in the dream, especially in a lucid dream. His work has developed this technique into a powerful tool for studying mind-body relationships in the dream state and he has demonstrated the considerable potential for lucid dreaming in the fields of psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. Sensory input is great evidence but also memory and expectation is good evidence too. When I was five years old they had these adventure serials and I would go to the matinees. That second body, does it have a brain in there? After focusing my mind in that way over the course of this weekend, I noticed on my way back to San Francisco, that I felt high. Relatively low levels of norepinephrene and serotonin, high levels of acetylcholine. Then I sort of noticed the thought, became lucid and crossed the bridge to the other side. I came to a very narrow bridge across an immensely deep chasm, and looking down I was afraid to go across the bridge.

Stephen laberge

So, anyway, Lynn and I did experiments in the beginning where we were trying to press a micro-switch. At the age of 19 he began graduate studies in chemistry at Stanford University, but in took a leave of absence to pursue his research interest in psychopharmacology. When I thought about the meaning of that, I recognized that the deepest identity I had there was the source of being, the all and nothing that was here right now, that was what I was too, in addition to being Stephen. It actually has a steering column that allows you to change direction. When you learn that when you face your problems and fears you overcome them, and things turn out better than they do when you simply try to avoid them, that generalizes and you have more sense of self-confidence that you can do things. It seems that lucid dreaming can do much to help people broaden and develop their sense of themselves. Have you noticed any correlation between people who use psychedelics and a propensity towards lucid dreaming? What is the universe? Also, in this society, we have various problems with drugs that are associated with children. His large eyes and animated features reveal an impish, child-like spirit and at the same time, an extremely sharp and analytical mind. If you were to say, I want to become a lucid dreamer, how should I go about it? In the evening after-sunset glow, Stephen addressed the questions of why we sleep, where we really are when we think we 're out of our body, and the spiritual implications of taking responsibility for our dreams. You talk in your book about a woman, Mary Arnold Forster, who was teaching lucid dreaming to children at the beginning of this century. In a way lucid dreaming requires more of your own responsibility in making it happen and dealing with it. It seems that the criteria for a successful lucid dreamer is similar to that for being a successful Buddhist. I think the problem is that we tend to bring mental models from the waking state into the dream state. Being in the Bay Area in those days, you can imagine what kinds of things I got interested in sly laughter which told me that there was a world inside that was of as much interest as the world out there. Have you found any correlation between people who practice some kind of meditation and the ability to have lucid dreams? So the moment I had that thought and decided to forgo the immediate pleasure, the car started to fly into the air and the car disappeared and my body, also. The book includes conversations with celebrated visionaries and inspirational figures such as Ram Dass, Noam Chomsky, Deepak Chopra, and George Carlin. We did find muscle twitches in the arm that corresponded to that effort, but the problem is that most of the muscle fibers are not firing when my brain commands them to and only a few impulses get through in the same pattern. I would think that people who are interested in something like Jungian analysis would be good candidates for this kind of thing, where they can take responsibility for the individuation process and help to further it in the dream state. What else can I do? If you pulled an eye out, would it look like an eye or is it just a mental model of an eye? Here it is right here on the table. They tend to say, "Well, give it a try! Frequent dream recallers are more likely to have lucid dreams.

Stephen laberge

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Stephen Laberge: Lucid Dreaming (excerpt) -- A Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

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As I passed through that realm, higher beyond the clouds, I entered into a vast emptiness of space that was infinite and it was filled with potential and love.

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