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I love you baby, much more than I have or will ever love any other man. I just want you to know that I love you more today than I did yesterday, and will love you much more tomorrow than I do today. Staying beside you gives me the assurance that all my worries are gone for good. You complete me in ways that cannot be fully expressed in words, and I just know I am the luckiest girl ever to have you in my life. You are the embodiment of love and happiness, patience and care, there is no better man for me but you. Many cheers to you darling, and to a happy ever after for us. I love you to the moon and back a million times, over and over, and nothing can change that.

Sweet paragraphs for your boyfriend

I want to do everything with you and be everything you want to do. Cute Relationship Paragraphs for Her or Him I can't imagine a life without you because you are the best out of the rest. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You make me happy, you make me glad, and I miss the joy and laughter you bring to my heart and face when you are around. I miss being carried in your hands, I miss being tickled by you till I laugh so much and my tummy hurts. All I want is for you to never have to be sad, and to be the best possible man you can be. Happy Birthday to the world's best boyfriend. Why won't I love you as crazily as I do, you are life's greatest gift to me. Everything you did for Me and the ones not done yet, I'm grateful forever. Each time I look into your eyes, I see myself in you. I never believed in true love, not to talk of it happening to me. It is so worth it. They're also great to send for special occasions like to wish him a happy birthday or anniversary. It was the perfect way to start my day and I hope you have a great day ahead of you my love. Loving you and being loved by you is the best things that have ever happened to me, and I just want to bask in the aura of your love forever. Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter, another summer too, never want to spend any of them without you. I cant stop thinking about you when were apart! The feeling is so beautiful that I care less about its explanation because I want to enjoy this feeling forever. You have made me feel so much happiness in every moment I spent with you. The only way you can beat my crazy was by doing something crazy yourself. I was going through a lot of pressure at work and I didn't realise I was transferring aggression to the one person I love the most. I hate the moments we have to say goodbye. I love and respect you highly darling, thank you over and over again, and a million times more. I love you more each day hun, and will, till I breathe my last. You have brought more love and laughter into my life than anyone before.

Sweet paragraphs for your boyfriend

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