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You worked your magic again and made me up so well. Love Robert for color and Cheryl for cuts and Keratin. My only complaint is that our message room had no soothing music or noise machine. And within six months, I had the bob of my dreams. Space is beautiful with modern decor. Love love love my new salon! I am usually in a hurry, hurry this and hurry that. The one time I wasn't percent satisfied they worked with me until I was.

Tabitha salon take over

She took the time to hear what I wanted and then quickly got me looking like a million bucks! Love Robert for color and Cheryl for cuts and Keratin. They have wine and beer if you ant so inclined. Poke around the site, see our new space if you haven't already. The tables are padded for your face which was an awesome touch. But then Cheryl took it to the next level and chose all the right product, tools and cut. It was so damaged that I couldn't even run my fingers through my hair because it was fried and constantly tangling. He does my base and balyage sp and does a great job. Shelly is creative and really knows how to cut hair. But I prefer men. I added several services since I needed to have some pain moved out of my back. Please advise me of any health, psychological or physical problems you may have. More willing to tip higher. Both of them were very professional and supportive of my "hair" needs, even though I was obviously an out of towner. You won't be disappointed! By placing your order or playing a video, you agree to our Terms of Use. I feel lucky to have been surrounded by such beautiful women today. I explained to her what I was looking for and admitted I was quite particular. Naturally I was drawn to schedule an appointment with Michelle. Rivkah is excellent with listening to what you want done with your hair and giving expert advise. This is their passion and their career. I had several bad experiences at other salons that shall remain nameless that touted online that they do all types of hair and provide relaxers as a service but all the stylist did a very mediocre job and it was a total waste of money. He understood exactly what I wanted. Julie pressed a button on the side of the chair and 2 arm-rests appeared — quite comfortable, Christine thought. In addition to always leaving the salon feeling like I've had the best haircut of my life, he is very good at understanding what I want, even when I can't articulate what I am looking for.

Tabitha salon take over

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I usually go for long layers, and each time I get a cut from her it looks great when she cuts it and it grows out beautifully.

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