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If you invite him, he will come. They spent almost 45 minutes in the cab, with the cabbie calling Cooter and his other cronies trying to find a way in. He magically appeared at the other bar later in the night and stole the girl Bob was talking to. The Ribas tried to drive home from the bar after 10PM Sunday night and spent hours driving around looking for the other entrance. Go visit to see some good moments on camera.

Tosh o golf cart

At the end it came down to putting as Team PJN went on 6 birdie chances, including 1 hole where their 8 foot uphill putt missed an inch short, lipped out right and lipped out left. Neil, who ate about 12 wings during this bomb and beer fest Food Fail 4 , blacked out for about 3 hours and apparently almost punched some poor woman in the face as she entered the bar, causing her and her family to decide to eat elsewhere. God speed lassie, god speed. They almost got a hotel room. Greg decided Bob should eat something and offered him half of his Au Jus sandwich, which Bob promptly threw on the floor Food Fail 5. Pete drove Bob home, but Bob snuck out of the house like a teenager and met us back at the bar, and told us times not to tell Pete he went back out. The Sat-Wed format was as successful as last years Fri-Tue was. The Bridges of World Tour — Pete did not hit the bridge at 18 at St Andrews, so he made up for it with hitting the Bridge at 13 at Augusta to extend his streak of hitting bridges at World Tour to 2. Bob, Greg and Mike in a battle of strength and endurance with an additional 9 holes played at the International Course at World Tour. Bonus points for Team BGM on their attempt at cheating by trying to tee off from the senior tees on the par 5, only to be halted by Team PJN who caught them right away and sent them back. Big props to Jon for putting it in the trap and not in the pond like the rest of us. They were all around the cart. The top females of MB2KX: Pete had mentioned that a buddy of his wanted in, and I know a friend of mine who wants in as well. If you invite him, he will come. Bob was shocked but gave him an A for the hate. And then there was one. And that Bob has a new nickname. Amazingly enough, the assailant has not yet been identified as Big Ben. Pictures — Greg will be adding some pictures to the recap at mb2k. Mine bags on A! Bob, Neil and Greg left the bar at 2AM. Apparently we were given a map when we checked in, but no one informed us of this until after it was too late. Just a few extra items before we get to the last section: We should have a top ten just discussing what happened, or what may have happened. They finally arrived 2 hours later. He magically appeared at the other bar later in the night and stole the girl Bob was talking to.

Tosh o golf cart

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Our group went in hitting that green. He finished in 4th, 10 strokes back.

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