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A lot has happened in six seasons. The sky is the limit for the potential this show has. A few have cured themselves of vampirism and come back from the dead. When they finally go down, you can't help but feel sorry for them. Legends Of Tomorrow Get ready for some more crossovers.

Tv shows like the flash

Supernatural Long story short, Supernatural is about two super good-looking brothers hunting demons, ghosts, monsters, and various other dangerous creatures. It is revealed that there are bigger parties at play here. If you think I missed out on any good TV shows, let me know in the comments section. The show has cemented its place as one of the best out there. How'd you rate The Flash out of 5 stars? He lost both his eyes in a freak accident when he was a kid. Instead of making him weak, it gave him some superhuman powers. The show is less superhero fantasy, more science fiction dystopia, but it has a similar cast of young actors and serious life-and-death stakes. A lot has happened in six seasons. Arrow When presumed-dead billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starling City after five years stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, he hides the ways the experience has changed him. Being on a streaming network allows these shows to be more creative with plotlines and takes them to uncharted territories with minimal risks. Ever since The X-Files went off the air but before it returned , Fringe is about as close to pure science fiction as network television gets. Teaming up with another para-human, he embarks upon a hunting journey. Whether you binge these in one month, or let them last all summer, you won't be disappointed. When they finally go down, you can't help but feel sorry for them. Things quickly spiral out of control. You'll love following the dangerous adventures of these two. She and Constantine take their combined skills on the road, traveling the country to find demons and send them back to hell. You have to watch every episode to understand everything. Jessica Jones Jessica Jones is the story of someone who has given up on saving the world. I personally loved the slow but enjoyable ride. The existence of time itself is at stake. It seems like a major gamble for FOX. When he finally comes back, he is a changed man. In desperation, he listens to one of the voices and is led to a group of genetically advanced teens known as the tomorrow people, who are being hunted down by Ultra, a paramilitary group of scientists headed by Dr.

Tv shows like the flash

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Things quickly spiral out of control.

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