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Both of the were really good. If you are looking to try somewhere new or visit an old favorite and haven't been here since the Key West flavor was added, I would recommend it. Again, DESERTED and talking about his dead grandmother along excessive overuse of question marks and many other things that are too silly to even take seriously. I'm typically chatty Cathy, so it always makes the food come out quicker as it passes the time. Another unique attribute about this restaurant is their: There was a private party in the adjacent room but it wasn't distracting at all. I had there version of American chop suey which was really a bolognese style sauce served on ravioli. The cheese fondue was good, i would get it again. There was couples, girlfriends catching up and families at this local spot.

Unwind manchester nh

This was a wonderful dining experience. We didn't want to bother moving again as we had already decided this place has gone to crap and this would be our list trip there anyway, lets just get it over with and enjoy eachother's company. My wife had the haddock special which she said was great and my daughter had salmon which she also enjoyed. The food was amazing, and the wine selection was top notch. The ambiance and decor is tasteful and classy. As of the day I am writing this review, your dinner menu showed up as "Not Found," and only a dessert menu was visible. We also got the plantains for dessert it is actually an appetizer on the dinner menu and the maple butter was amazing. Good food and atmosphere to hang w friends or a date. Prices are also very reasonable as well as portion sizes. Until another couple came, womp womp. Every cocktail here needs to be tried, they are all divine. Now serving breakfast and lunch the resteraurnt has opened itself to a wider variety of customers. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!! Very comfortable seating away from the bar. The flavors reminded me of summer. We cruised the dinner menu in hope to find a little something before dinner. I'm not even going to get into the server who was either annoyed she was working or just generally an unhappy individual. If you want to get right up in the music, there piano itself actually doubles as a table. Our best guess is that someone inadvertently poured the wrong dressing on the salad. The food was unique and very tastey. My fiance and I went on a Saturday night, and it was surprising slow. Find a similar spot. They had one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. We shared the milk chocolate fondue and it was heavenly! Should that keep you from going? I'm typically chatty Cathy, so it always makes the food come out quicker as it passes the time.

Unwind manchester nh

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It was refreshing, as advertised, but the buttercream frosting was very heavy. The flavours and spices showcased in most of the Caribbean dishes is very palatable and refreshing.

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