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As a veterinary technologist, you'll become a valued member of the veterinary medical profession, as part of a health care team. It is important that students are prepared to produce accurate information to clients and to practice safe pharmaceutical dispensing protocols. Self-assessment during this course allows students to identify their personal skills that are transferable to the workplace and to describe these skills to a prospective employer. This includes reception and telephone etiquette, appointment scheduling and correspondence, medical and financial procedures and record keeping. Topical coverage includes confidentiality and gossip and its effects , workplace bullying, conflict resolution, handling complaints, and liability applications to telephone advice. Please tell us yours! Students will be assigned tasks to create marketing materials for a veterinary business and client education. The course also introduces the causes of illness and disease. The teachers and administrators were very supportive and the methods used to instruct the class were great.

Vet tech school vancouver

The course focuses upon the types of animal behaviour for common species, common animal behaviour problems, and the potential for behaviour counselling to address the problems. Students develop a practical- and vocation-oriented approach to effective and professional communication. Students learn the appropriate medical terminology associated with the body systems as well as the five senses. In addition to external parasite control and pet products, the student is introduced to basic grooming tools, supplies and equipment such as clippers, combs, knives and scissors. Students are also introduced to the relevant software for office and billing procedures. It explores the differentiation among bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi; as well as the modes of disease transmission. For information on admission requirements, courses, intake dates and registration for an Information Session, visit the Program and Course Catalogue. Basic grooming refers to such procedures as bathing, brushing, cleaning ears, de-matting, expressing anal glands, shaving, and trimming nails. Students will be given their mathematics learning activity capstone project VAL that is required to be completed by the end of Term IV. Preparation of analysis procedures for various body functions through blood, urine and fecal testing Preparation of samples for transport to external laboratory facilities Patient positioning for diagnostic radiographs Practice of safe technique during radiographic procedures Practicing of low stress and safe patient restraint techniques In this course you will learn all the common veterinary surgical procedures, including: Students develop knowledge of instrument identification, including: From guest equipment salespersons demonstrating in class, to visits to clinics, hospitals, and other facilities, students learn the various types of diagnostic imaging occurring in the profession, including the basic procedures and practice with x-ray equipment, ultrasonography, MRIs, and others. Equally important is the knowledge about obedience and handling skills required for the safe management of a pet on the grooming table. This practicum course allows the veterinary sciences profession to confirm the skills and competencies of the student. The course includes instruction for the safe handling and preparation of biological samples for laboratory analysis by the technician or veterinarian. The basics of observation and interpretation are a large component of this course. Students become familiar with the terminology associated with common veterinary pharmaceuticals, the classifications of drugs, indications and contra-indications, and routes of administration. This subject matter continues in VA Get Your Career Training Readiness score now. Inventory management, marketing principles and strategies, and the ethical environment in which animal care services take place will also be covered. The teachers and administrators were very supportive and the methods used to instruct the class were great. In addition, the course provides guidance in ways that the veterinary assistant can manage the difficult client and provide counselling to clients who experience the loss of a pet. It is important that students are prepared to produce accurate information to clients and to practice safe pharmaceutical dispensing protocols. Some of the training in this course is provided by external partners. Lab activities hands-on practice will be an important aspect of this course. This content continues in VA Guest speakers may also be utilized to present content on food and nutrition and other animal care products.

Vet tech school vancouver

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Vet Tech School 🐾 Second Semester

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You'll study practical skills needed on the job ranging from administrative procedures, workplace communications, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, behaviour and welfare, to anesthesia, radiography and dentistry.

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