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Commenting on the company's successful marketing to America's youth, Peter Ferraro, advertising director of The Source magazine, contended that "Fubu is no more hip-hop than the Gap, but by using the language of hip-hop, which is the language of youth in the United States and around the world, they have had success in expanding their brand from the inner city into the suburbs. Soon John, who was then also waiting tables at a Red Lobster restaurant in addition to designing clothes, had more orders than he could fill and so turned his energies full time to the fledgling business. Its first store was slated to open in the fall of in South Africa, where Fubu had already become a coveted brand name. Fubu is about Pride and Respect in what you wear and who you are. Just as the s saw a proliferation of suburban kids turning their tastes and pocketbooks to the urban sounds of hip-hop and gangsta' rap, so was the case in the retail industry in the s, with urbanwear becoming a "crossover" point at which tastes from the suburbs and the city converged. From the business's inception, Fubu was intimately allied, both in its designs and its advertising, with the hip-hop music industry. I believe the educational aspect of the show is one of the best things for all entrepreneurs.

Who created fubu

To the public, FUBU was a huge company. Our product was front and center on the biggest and most influential personalities for our core consumers. You always need to keep in mind that people are constantly looking at you and your legitimacy to see if the company itself is legitimate. Fubu's early success made the company an appealing investment to other names in the retail industry, and soon Fubu formed licensing contracts which allowed its name to appear on a broad range of womenswear, accessories and loungewear. Like most entrepreneurs, the initial struggle was to go past the point of imagination and make it a point of conception, where I was actually putting together a product and producing it. Now there are many people addressing them. Fubu is one of the fastest growing apparel companies in the American fashion industry, producing a variety of clothing and accessories ranging from baseball caps and sweatshirts to men's semi-formal suits. What fueled and inspired this market was rap music; Goldstein went so far as to note that "urbanwear companies have ridden in on the coattails--and jacket backs, and baseball caps, and shoes--of rap musicians. It communicated to our community that we were authentic and so was our brand. If I had that internship experience before starting FUBU, it would have accelerated even quicker than it did. Not only do you have a documented competitive advantage, but it also means that in the event he or she is a bad business partner, you can potentially buy him or her out totally. John acknowledged that the Fubu name represented a complete lifestyle: As a result, the company developed a line of women's clothing called Fubu Ladies. They have understood that hip-hop gets the gear out there on the right kids. After the first season, I realized that the first thing all investors look at is the person. So they saw their numbers spike during the LL Cool J campaign. The line included both single and double breasted suits, tuxedos, and a "country" suit modeled after vintage British designs. Also during this time, Fubu's expansion plans resulted in a licensing deal in the winter of with the National Basketball Association. He was wearing a pair of Gap jeans and a Gap shirt, but he was somehow able to sport one of our hats during the commercial. I would wake up at about 7 or 8 in the morning, and I would sew the hats by myself, tag them, answer a couple of orders that came in overnight. Within two years of striking its distribution deal with Samsung, the Fubu collection was picked up by the Macy's chain of retail stores, making the label more accessible nationwide. What were some of your first big marketing wins to promote FUBU? According to John at the time, Fubu was "a sportswear company. According to industry analysts, such a customer demographic tended to adopt its apparel trends primarily from two sources: But because we have no strong distribution overseas, rolling out stores is a good way to display our product. The most recent challenge is the increased price of cotton, which has dramatically increased the price to make goods.

Who created fubu

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How have the fashion and soft goods business worlds changed since you started FUBU? After having his mother teach him to sew, the year-old began selling tie-top hats and other small accessories on the streets of New York.

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