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Z, Red Mantle, and Dragoon. Despite being a convicted child molester , he is liked and respected throughout the supervillain community for his unfailing politeness and generosity; certain episodes also reveal that he knows his sexual attraction to children and young adolescents is wrong, and tries to keep it in check, in part by self-administering the IV drug "Nomolestol". Their plan is foiled when Treister reveals to Gathers that he has discovered that they are moles, and that Mile High has been working for him as well. Girlfriend his partner, not just his number 2. As of the Season 4 finale, Hatred had removed all of the word "Hatred" from his body, except for the D, which was placed in a "tender area". He then began working for a variety of villains, and was employed by Phantom Limb as Shadowman 9, until he became the Monarch and seduced Dr. Two Mister-level agents of O. Venture until Monstroso purchased prostitutes for him, in exchange for open heart surgery in "The Silent Partners". Venture has an interview in which he seems to believe Dermott is Brock's son.

Who is wale girlfriend

He also begins a relationship with Sirena Ong, the daughter of his father's current Guild-assigned villain. Orpheus's year-old quasi- goth daughter. A Hispanic boy and childhood friend of Rusty Venture. As of the third season, the two have moved into Phantom Limb's old mansion in a gated community called Malice. Season six introduces the New York branch of the Guild, which is made up of the most dangerous supervillains the organization has to offer. Venture, he leads the Monarch henchmen in overthrowing Tim Tom and Kevin and decides to rejoin the ranks of the Monarch, returning not out of loyalty to the Monarch or the henchman lifestyle, but because the Monarch is the only friend he has left. However, the Monarch feels she will likely take the offer. He is a pastiche of the superhero Blade and the blaxploitation movie protagonist Shaft with a voice very closely resembling Samuel L. Venture when he inherits J. They first appear in the episode "The Lepidopterists" to assist Dr. The events of the show, however, have demonstrated that the truth is not as clear cut. In the following episode, "Venture Libre", Dean restores H. Jefferson Twilight voiced by Charles Parnell: In earlier episodes, he never speaks and only communicates by way of origami and sparse gestures; however this is attributed to a vow of silence he'd taken as revealed in the episode "ORB". Archvillains and henchmen[ edit ] The Guild of Calamitous Intent[ edit ] The Guild of Calamitous Intent is the primary organization of antagonists in the series. Deceased father of Dr. He briefly bears a grudge against Rusty Venture for breaking the heart of his stepdaughter, Dr. He also taught Brock the strict rule of never killing women or children, as that differentiated them from the "baddies". The Monarch eventually lost his privilege to Arch Rusty after it was discovered that he was not a Guild-sanctioned villain, and upon registering killed five heroes and super-scientists he had been assigned to before being given the job of Arching Jonas Jr. Quymn fall on the box fort in which Rusty and Tara are playing while wildly making love. They were married in the Season 2 finale and recognized by the Guild of Calamitous Intent as "villain and villainess" in Season 3. After his initial encounter with the Venture family, he began living on the X-2 after having difficulties in finding a job. He tends to repeat words that are dirty or have a double entendre like "loin" and "jerkin". JJ dies in the season 6 special "All This and Gargantua-2", sacrificing himself along with Treister in order to prevent the explosion of Gargantua-2 from hurting anyone. He is a master of the martial arts and an accomplished pilot, and was likely inspired by the Green Hornet 's assistant Kato. She is apparently close friends with David Bowie whom she greeted affectionately when he arrived at her wedding. There is some question as to his actual degree of ability in the nebulously defined field of super-science.

Who is wale girlfriend

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In season 6, Hank decides to forgo college and gets a job at a pizzeria as a delivery boy.

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