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Maybe women who are looking for a way to strengthen their self-esteem and sense of their self-image might harbour this desire more than others. Some women want their partners to physically come to their place of work and have a quickie in their office right before their business meeting. This is where strap-ons and maybe even some bondage come in handy. But, is this long held notion really true? More specifically, she wants to be on the receiving end of it and with no holds barred. I never did in high school and I sincerely feel like I missed a right of passage. And for the woman with this particular desire, she definitely wants to party.

Womens darkest fantasy

The temptation of trying to keep her cool while on the phone, even as she is simultaneously being pleasured is enough for any woman to get aroused. Pretty sure The Notebook is responsible for that one. What she says goes. Others might choose to do it with a couple she meets at a bar, at the grocery, or online. But, this will make you test the strength of your own open-mindedness. A willing and ready partner? Male strippers are supposed to be left at the rightful place known as the bachelorette party. Whatever the formula, this is again another situation where neither individual in the couple should hold any hang-ups and should be absolutely sure they can handle this kind of arrangement. Just like a light switch, she can turn her partner on by the control of her finger. This particular fantasy can be as silly or as kinky as the two individuals engaged in it allow it to be. You can rest assured knowing that if a woman harbours this kind of fantasy in her head, she is clearly not a prude and is clearly very open-minded and possibly, a little bisexual…. The person who she has the sexual affair with could be a friend of her boyfriend or husband or he could be a total stranger they find together online. The thrill of it makes me so turned on, and the orgasms are mind blowing. But, choosing work as the public place is even more scandalous. We have the same number of fingers and toes. Some might not think of this as a dark fantasy, but for more traditional or inexperienced women, this could be a very taboo desire of hers. Some women might fantasize about having sex with another couple that she and her significant other know. Every woman is different in the mode of voyeurism of which she fantasizes. Hitting, spanking, choking, hair pulling, gags, whatever comes to mind. Some take that to an even more literal, kinkier degree-or rather, fantasize about doing so-by desiring some BDSM action. Some females secretly imagine truly letting it all hang out, and her partner too, by having sex right out in the open. Women with an already assertive edge to them really lose themselves with this one. I want to be able to watch my girlfriend getting me off, watch me making her scream. What can be a bigger turn-on then turning someone else on? And knowing that other people are getting off to us would just be the cherry on top. Whips, chains…you name it, she wants it.

Womens darkest fantasy

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The Power Fantasy

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Then, show her who the man of the house is and give her the ultimate punishment: This fantasy is certainly more kinky and alternative.

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