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We didn't go last year for no good reason and upon returning this year, it was OK, but not spectacular. But my boyfriend wanted to go and meet some friends so like a good GF, I sucked it up, downed a 5 hour energy and put on a dirndl. Perfect place to park is right across from Gate 1. All the food was really good except for one certain piece of sausage I tried. Entertainment end times vary from 9: There were bands playing, picking drinking lots of beer, and lots of food options.

Wurstfest tickets heb

Men and women will compete separately in two competitions on Nov. I was all prepared to be over it Any of the vendors with sausage and brats are great too. Perfect place to park is right across from Gate 1. Next to this tent is the main building with another huge music room seating with another beer booth with 40 crafts beers. They also have sour cream to put on it. Also, got some sweet and spicy pecans that this lady was selling. It's worth checking out with a good group of friends. My spouse didn't understand the appeal to polka music, albeit rock-laced polka music, but these people in the crowd were jamming their asses off. At one time, they actually discontinued the pitchers of beer because of the drunks. Definately will be back next year. A great place to hangout if you like craft beers. Every section has food all German themed , entertainment, and crafts and shopping. There are polka bands covering guns n roses and lady gaga. I look upon the crowd and see the same types year after year. The hosts organize this amazing event with the generosity of the Faust Hotel great place to stay for the night! I hope it's not because I'm getting old, but Wurstfest doesn't seem to hold the allure for me that it used to. My adventure at Wurstfest was all about eating and enjoying beer! Back there, you will find the waterfall and river, and besides the same funnel cakes, you will find Mexican tacos, German brick oven pizza, and the Reel seafood restaurant is there with gumbo, fried shrimp, and jambalaya. It will be the only wurst on a stick you'll need to buy since there's a sample of each. In the 70s and into the 80s, there really wasn't much to do around here. You have to buy tickets to purchase beer. And you know what? That is your best bet. You have to go to Wurstfest at least once. Don't forget to dawn your best derndles and lederhosen and go out and have a blast!

Wurstfest tickets heb

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The main food tent is connected to that seating area.

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