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Our historically one-size-fits-all approach has not accounted for various student needs, strengths, interests, and aspirations. Engage students with a project-based learning activity that demands creativity, cooperation, and critical thinking to solve a real-world problem. Teacher support is at the center of our curriculum programs. Download Now Early Learning Vocabulary Strategiesview details The more words students learn in early childhood, the more successful they are in K Click here for instructions on accessing and printing your educator transcript and certificates. Classroom Adaptability Whether you are running a blended learning model, traditional instruction, or a 1: The D-Tube videos are based on a standard TEKS , or a bundling of standards that address a specific topic, and consist of at least two sections that can be indexed and easily searched by the teacher. Today the fellowship supports fifty teachers across 25 campuses who are currently engaged in the month experience.

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In partnership with the Jiv Daya Foundation, all elementary schools in 5 feeder patterns across the Dallas metroplex are beginning to integrate Blended Learning strategies in their 3rd through 5th grade classrooms. Embedded Professional Development Need help understanding a new instructional strategy? PL is activated by assessment and data, instructional rigor, classroom culture, and student agency working in concert together. Variety of Assessments All lessons have multiple assessments types, such as kinesthetic, rubric-based, open-ended, gamified, and multiple choice assessments, to help you get a complete picture of what your students need. We are constantly adding new features and elements based on your feedback. Staying on the forefront of the best practices is our priority. This infographic will help you understand how to get started with your NGSS instruction. Hands-on Science Our core approach is hands-on investigation; doing science is learning science. Built from the Ground Up You won't find any "now aligned" stickers here. Product Allocation In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn how to complete your class setup, allocate a product, and allocate products to classes. Continuous Improvement We know you work hard in the classroom. Responding to Hate and Bias at School Hateful acts at school area dangerous, disturbing and disruptive. But keep this in mind: Grab your spot on the carpet, and try one now! Math, Art, Engineering, and More Deepen your students' knowledge with authentic cross-curricular connections to song and dance, art and sculpture, engineering and design, and math and data analysis. Fellows have access to workshops, pop-up i. Today the fellowship supports fifty teachers across 25 campuses who are currently engaged in the month experience. The results of a controlled, experimental trial in 8th grade math and Algebra I classrooms at Thomas C. Shed some light on how the standards are organized across grades, DCIs, Engineering Practices, and Cross-Cutting concepts with this interactive chart. This flowchart should be used to navigate the Response to Intervention RtI process to provide guidance for the Student Support Team SST to make decisions that best serve the individual needs of all students. Download Now Early Explorer Big Bookview details Early Explorer includes numerous fiction and non-fiction big books centered around science concepts. Marsh Preparatory Academy found that the effect of Personalized Learning closed half the gap between struggling and advanced math students. Results After one year of implementation of PL at our five pilot campuses, Cabell Elementary, Rogers Elementary, and Zaragoza Elementary all realized "high growth" in mathematics on the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress assessment, meaning their students grew more, on average, over the course of the school year than their national peer group. In its largest donation to-date, JDF provided every 3rd through 5th grade student and teacher with their own Kindle Fire to help personalize each student's learning experiences. Since Clever class roster data for allocation of products, some products may not appear until scheduling has been completed. Use our supplemental kits, or prep your own with our materials lists.

Www clever com in dallasisd

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Instead of "old school" teaching techniques that heavily utilize boring science books and comprehension questions, this curriculum provides teachers with fully prepared lessons that allow students to be more engaged and play active roles in their learning. Teacher support is at the center of our curriculum programs.

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