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Remember, you have every right to cut ties from this person and move on with your life. Don't worry - these reactions are all very normal and you will get over them - I promise! List what real love looks like. Whilst this catfish may have led you to believe they were a real 'catch' - with great photos and stories to match - they are human too and therefore fallible. Write down what you should have demanded from this relationship that could have saved your frustration. What about the catfish themselves? I'll also give you my very best tips for online dating to prevent you from ever being caught out again! However, when you're investing in an online relationship you owe it to yourself to be on your guard from the beginning. What does being 'catfished' mean?

You ve been catfished

You may have heard of the movie ' Catfish ' - a documentary film about a guy who developed a relationship with a woman, who subsequently turned out to have told many a lie. Their caring messages, their calls, their responsiveness would have made you feel on top of the world. Being 'catfished' means you are the victim of someone with a fake identity on Facebook who set out to trick you into a romantic relationship, i. How to get over being catfished 5 Tips to help you heal Don't give yourself a hard time You can see from my explanation on trance states that our brains can play tricks on us. And they have more victims: How many of these background checks have you done so far to avoid you ever becoming the victim of a catfish? What if your heart has already been broken? Make a log or a list and timeline of your relationship. Your reactions will depend somewhat on how you found out - whether the truth slowly began to emerge or you found out suddenly. So move on from it and know time is the only thing that will heal this hurt. Be sure to also visit my advice pages on online relationships to help you get an even better insight into internet relationships. Use an expert hypnosis download to reverse the effect. Guard your privacy Privacy is a problem online and it's often all too easy to discover the contact details of someone. Take the pen to paper. It can be even worse if the other person was of a different gender than they pretended to be! They made a lot of effort to deceive you. We go in and out of trance states all day long and some of them are better for us than others. You therefore desperately want to believe what you're being told, and this can cause you to throw all caution to the wind. Have you felt the hurt and betrayal of being Catfished? The catfish's partner - I can assure you that the discovery of the online emotional affair would be hugely painful for them too. It's easy for someone to take advantage of you when you're in that state. No wonder you missed the cues that someone was taking you for a ride. Change your habits that make you sad. It means a lot to me that you have helped and are taking the time to write about this horrible victimization. It's very likely that once the relationship was established they found it almost impossible to extract themselves because of all that. And now you probably feel you've fallen of the edge of a cliff!

You ve been catfished

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Accept that it's going to take some time for you to recover from this - it's unlikely to be a matter of weeks!

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