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Lest they grow back again in the form of some mammoth blogpost somewhere. Yu-na is eating meat, vegetables and fish freely as she pleases. And both are as vacuous as they are problematic. Kim Yu-na adapts to Sochi ice in 30 minutes Posted February. It pains me to say that, but, for all I know, those are all core tenets of figure-skating, and in that sense are no different to observing that, say, you need to be tall to play basketball well.

Yuna kim diet

On Thursday, the first day of her onsite exercise, Kim had difficulties adapting herself to ice condition there. She uses facilities within the Olympic village when conducting physical exercise. Sex, Art, and American Culture: But probably there is no grand conspiracy really: In the English version: Then I noticed that there was one crucial omission in the English translation, and it was too late. People use races and ethnicities as shorthand for body types and features all the time. Are you a tailor or what? It is not a trick invented by nasty men in a room someplace on Madison Avenue…. Continuing to position a fundamentally flawed representation of one race as the Occidental opposite of all Koreans though, does justify providing a very narrow range of small clothing sizes to the latter. But then I glanced again at the images of Kim Yuna skating, and suddenly sobered up: But the point remains that athletes will always be sized up like this. We can only speculate. The ridiculous thing about all this—well, one of the ridiculous things—is that these [measurements of women that came close] varied from one another by several inches. See what I mean? And both are as vacuous as they are problematic. I never knew that Yu-na was such a big eater. Did they feel embarrassed by it at all? The fact that this is from a news article clearly shows women are seen as dolls. But, crucially, none were ever universally accepted as the one and only, 20th century Venus de Milo. Also, because even if the comparison was once broadly true, changes in Korean health and diets meant it was already out of date in let alone in Not even once in my life. Alas, the very sexy quotes from Japanese sociologist Yoshio Sugimoto I planned to give, about the agendas of core subcultural groups dominating the mass media and intercultural-transactions, will have to wait for a more opportune time. Kim visits the rink or skating training center, only when she engages in official exercise sessions. Why do such obvious things need to be said? After eating Korean food in the morning, she was only allowed to eat fruits and vegetable, yogurt and cereal for lunch and dinner. It is okay to be curious about what it is exactly that sets them apart from everyone else in those regards, and to try to quantify that.

Yuna kim diet

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We should not have to apologize for reveling in beauty. She uses facilities within the Olympic village when conducting physical exercise.

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