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I chose Zara Tours, the local outfitter for Kilimanjaro because I had booked with them in the past, and was very satisfied with the level of service I received for the cost. We offer all destinations for any size party on any dates. Amiry carried all food and cooking supplies to the next camp, and then served me all evening. He also explained his rationale for different choices and educated me along the way. As a private client and the only woman, I opted for the former small celebration with my team. But I think what I liked the most about Simon was that he was able to read me as a trekker so well. Our mountain gear is warm, waterproof, spacious, and perfectly suited for the rigors of Adventures. I have trekked in the himalaya and south america and this was the best crew I have used.

Zara tours tanzania

They explain to you the precautions and measures, be it for mountain climbing, safari exploration, or beach excursions. The porters Emanuel and Paolo were extremely hardworking and served as incredible inspiration when the going got tough. Mountain gear is comprehensive and known name brands. From what I saw, this event varies widely from quiet and small celebrations to loud drinking parties with singing and antics, and certificates and cash changing hands. Our professional guides are trained and skilled specifically for their adventure. The friendly team on the ground sorted out our gear hiring requirements and generally made sure we were ready to go. Flexibility is a major feature when building your tour with us, putting your money where you want it to count. Our clients have included celebrities, photographers, film makers, exhibitors, senators, ambassadors, presidents, travel writers, and journalists. We have worked with many of our retailers and communities for years. The organization aims is supporting vulnerable groups in the community. More than once I saw a climber arguing with a guide about the rest of the party being too fast or too slow, and I knew I had made the right choice. ZARA Tours has more than 30 years of experience as a Kilimanjaro outfitter and qualified safari tour operator. These meals are nutritious and calorie dense, specifically designed to sustain the pleasure of our clients while on adventures. Even though our summit took longer than usual because of us not feeling great they made sure that we all made it to the top and back to base camp safely. I chose Zara Tours, the local outfitter for Kilimanjaro because I had booked with them in the past, and was very satisfied with the level of service I received for the cost. Zara Tours Reviews 4. As a founder company of the Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society MKPS , we comply with all established guidelines on porter wages and welfare by respective National authority. We offer all destinations for any size party on any dates. Our skilled professionals were selected by us from a pool of the very best local guides. I would highly recommend Winford and his team — they did an amazing job in some trying weather conditions and we are very grateful to them for helping us realise our dream. He made the most delicious meals, multi-course affairs that included soup and lots of vegetables and fresh fruits at every meal. He even came with Simon and me on summit night when usually only the guide goes and the other team members wait back at high camp. Power outages are common, for example, but rarely last longer than a few minutes. There is also a small gift shop that carries water, snacks, souvenirs, and all the toiletries you may have left behind. We do not tolerate stealing from our guests or each other in any shape or form. We have clients which use us a trusted partner for their trips and charitable expeditions.

Zara tours tanzania

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Climbing Kilimanjaro with Zara Tours

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Adjust the days for the budget you seek. This property is your base of operations before and after the climb.

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